Amazon launched a music streaming service free and without advertisements

services such as music streaming service company ushered in a new giant rivals. After apple bought Beats and streaming service Beats Music after pocketing, amazon today also officially launched the Music streaming service. Competitors charge or free + AD model, Amazon Prime Music promised free and without advertising, but it is a senior member model Amazon Prime and Amazon. Amazon Prime membership can be free to listen to the Prime Music, other users can only 30 days trial and open the Amazon Prime membership service.

Prime Music library there are more than millions of singles, according to the New York times, the library does not include the latest issue of the song, also not including Universal Music (Universal Music) issued by the Music. This reduced to some extent it relative to the company, Beats the attraction of Music and other rivals.

Prime song Music mainly focus on the single function, custom made a lot of song list for users to listen to all kinds of characteristics. In addition to the online website, amazon also plans to launch the application platform, including the Kindle Fire version of the iOS version, Android and PC and Mac version. And each version offline listening. But there is no any application release for download.

in addition, the next Wednesday June 18, amazon will hold a conference in Seattle, amazon will be released at the conference are believed to have 3 d function of smart phones.