“Amnesty” after Steve ballmer, Microsoft’s board can also indulge elop? !

is becoming more and more in silicon valley and other companies in the United States is no different, it has to accept the existence of failure. I see a lot of head, no matter how bad the work done, or just do nothing, but still can be promoted. Although some feel depressed and frustrated, but is still in constant failure. This morning I saw a news, you think of the present situation of the above. Microsoft announced job cuts of 18000, including about 12500 laid off workers from nokia devices and services. Steve Ballmer has retired, but why they don’t consider Stephen Elop.

I met Elop at Microsoft, he seems to be a smart guy, not what dreamers, but enough to cope with the monopoly.

let a no intermediate perform shift experience bring change to the nokia, compete with the iPhone/Android, such a decision made me feel very confused. I still think nokia is director of the class in their guns on their head. Nokia has failed in its. Android may be a better decisions, but he chose to work with Windows mobile. Shares fell, shrinking market share, as the well-known Lord mountbatten, he witnessed the nokia ruled in the final days.

the once filled with nokia, unparalleled mobile phone brand buyout by Microsoft. Elop leadership team of the department. Remember this – since Elop served as the CEO of nokia, the company has cut 50000 jobs (including the cuts). It’s really shocking. That’s in Elop the iconic poor strategy should continue. In other words, Microsoft, nokia department is not a good strategy. Elop today’s memo said: “in the near future we plan to promote the Windows Phone, will target more affordable smartphone market segment, such as the company series machines, the fastest growing in the market.” It also confirms the nokia employees used to say, we focus on the low end, we will be able to increase market share. How did that work?

Microsoft preparation involved in a costly regional marketing war, and Google Android One efforts. Whether Microsoft want to compete with Elop, Google and amazon? I think the nokia’s employees should not be the only fired.

don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to choose Elop quills, although he is the most intelligent in many famous executive, not stick to one pattern. Silicon valley should go to have a good look at baseball or football game, delve into professional sports teams are how to treat their supervisor and star athletes. If you fail, leave it for you. Bobby Valentine was an irreverent expelled by the Boston red sox. General manager of the San Diego Padres sacked them. All of these shows that cost a fortune to have good results. Executives and those with a high salary?

Microsoft platform strategy general manager Charles Fitzgerald public evaluation Elop: his resume shows he is a speculator, in addition to nokia, he has not any achievement in other companies. He has presided over the failure of nokia, and finally out of the mobile phone business.

Source: OM