An umbrella to block the rain not only, still can more accurately predict the weather

May 8, according to reports in the foreign website mashable, a Dutch scientists are working on a umbrella can forecast the weather. Soon, the umbrella will no longer just as a shelter tool is used by people.

“we have a radar and satellite, but we did not like the past condition of measuring the ground rain.” Dutch Delft University of Technology, Delft University of Technology) rolfe? Dr Robert huth (Rolf Hut) said. “As a result, various agencies is a reduction in the number of rain gauge], for those who are engaged in the management of water resources and hydrological research, this is a problem, because they can’t get enough data.”

huth research this umbrella installed a piezoelectric sensor – a kind of atmospheric change device (such as pressure) is converted into energy, which can inform umbrella users when it rains. Later, the piezoelectric sensors will collect the information for the rain, and via bluetooth technology to send the data to the user an application on the smart phone, and then transferred to a computer.

huth is not used technology to revolutionize the first man to the weather forecast information system. Some other high-tech products, such as application Wezzoo, Weddar and WeatherSignal, can use the data on the mobile phone users to share the local weather information.

the University alliance for Atmospheric Research in the United States (the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research,) President Thomas? Bogdan (Thomas Bogdan) said that these technologies can make weather forecast more accurate and detailed.

“meteorological forecast crowdsourcing data is likely to be one of the exciting new progress,” bogdan said in an interview with Forbes. “Compared with the immediate deployment of new weather sensor system, the data has a greater value for us, we should take advantage of these almost free data source changes in the weather.”

now, Robert huth products are not out of the lab, but he believes that a crowdsourcing data project.

“in the end, each umbrella will be equipped with this technique, or high-grade umbrella will be equipped with.” Huth said in an interview with the BBC, “if you want to participate in this project, in the moment you open the umbrella, begin to send the data to your phone, and put it on to the cloud.”

source: tencent technology