And start the “section 419 universe cluster” flagship “social interest” of SNS

“we expect every user can participate in the fun, through cluster find interesting people.” On April 16, in version V5.0 online communication meeting, associate head of Zou Mengrui said. New facelift of increasingly clear strategic positioning, change the original acquaintance social patterns, reshape the diversified social graph. Open mobile SNS, for the majority of users to create “social interest” platform.

dynamic cluster can be a key to see and share

on between version V5.0, cluster becomes the core functionality. Users of all dynamic cluster can be directly on level 1 page to browse and comment directly, and can share a key to the WeChat friends, friends, weibo and other social networking platform, make friends pile cluster more unobstructed communication.

the new associate cluster increases the certification mark and the heap of main identity authentication, in the cluster can also refer to the number of fans, heat, etc. Sovereignty limit has improved the pile cluster, cluster of Lord can vote and draw, launched a campaign in the individual cluster. On this basis, the knocking at the door, attendance, burn after reading, and other functions are integrated into the cluster, it will mean a bunch of friends can be more clear understanding of the content of cluster, and easier to find the same interest friend.

in addition, and from 5.0 to upgrade public account directly into the cluster, the public information platform and stick together. Click to enter the public account of the public, are enjoying more content to view the public account, subscription, share to other social platforms.

to start the first mobile social festival “section 419 the universe cluster”

in the cluster function adjustment, and will also pay more attention to content are enjoying fun and interactive. According to associate director Zou Mengrui, he expected to heap of friends through cluster, participate in the fun, find interesting people.

an unprecedented 419 universe cluster section is about to start. During April 19-21, there will be thousands of characteristic cluster online activities at the same time, many cluster will be sent to you by very specific topics such as “kitchen F call beast” travel “resignation”, rich and colorful content such as “baby screening of” “movies fun”, from a variety of gifts such as Louis vuitton handbags, star glasow, digital products, etc., let each user based on common interests or topics to interact, thus to establish a wider social circle, make real friends.

in the future, and also will launch a series of supporting the heap of the main policy, to heap do cluster content owners can relax, really make people interested in together, encourage each reactor can form unique interest.

and reshape the diversified social graph, the main interest in “social”

at this point, already includes all categories of mobile social, directly into the diversified social era, and jointly promote the common development of various forms of social networking. This is also confirmed that the main strategic orientation, while maintaining the original diversified social basis, the main “social interest”, etc. The current wireless networking vacuum. In cluster upgrading, and a lot of support cluster, cluster, the user can directly involved in the interest of accurate cluster, and knocked at the door, set up the interest option, finally obtain precise interest friends. This way of social, there is no stranger to social barriers, also avoid the acquaintance social utilitarianism, not to mention involves extremely complex social relations, instead of the most stable relationship in the social circle.

according to iresearch “2014 China mobile social applications market research report, analysis, and according to the classification of social purpose, social mobility can be divided into social acquaintances, stranger social, social interest. Acquaintances social begin from PC development, the existing social form a mature; Strangers social and social interest is emerging forms of social, more with mobile terminal characteristics. Among them, the social interest because based on the specific interests of a particular community, meet like-minded friends, that in the mobile client will perform a more diversified in form, in the future are also more malleable.

it is reported, going back and forth, with six months to ten thousand units daily smooth growth. According to cluster as the main source of user growth, the average user attention more than 5-10 cluster. Star among them, tourist food, celebrities, fashion life, such as reading and studying in the category of cluster, emerge has produced hundreds of thousands of cluster number. Niche cluster such as 2 b pencil, I love hetian jade, enjoy fishing. Most love meat plants, naked sleep help, etc., pile has high participation.