Android one who hurt by software control hardware, and can fulfill a wish?

on July 1, hunting cloud network

Google began to recover the ecological control of the Android step by step, the Android user interface and software code will Wear, Android Aut controlled by Google itself, no longer like Android smartphone system, various manufacturers will no longer be allowed to do further customize from the surface to the UI API code. The only can do only a custom APP several characteristics.

we look at Google’s Android reference design, one will find that Google’s strides in closed roads is really very big!

Android is one fetch and carry for low-end machine? Ha ha

Android one practical project is Google do mediatek’s work, according to Google Android hardware specifications for detailed unified requirements, in order to reduce the differences of hardware decrease the difficulty of technology makes system upgrade is simple. By Google for the hardware scheme of product, can be the first time to eat on the latest android.

in order to lead the android market, low-end machine solve the android fragmentation problem. Google currently opened to the outside world on the explanation is that in order to improve the one thousand yuan, low-end machine user experience, to reduce the android fragmentation of solving strategy.

however, in the future to eat in the high-end market is not impossible, after all, there is not enough accumulation of second – and third-tier firms, their high-end phones in use is also close to the turnkey solution.

these two or three line handset makers are unable to create excellent customized mobile phone system, the system upgrade is powerless, thus make their own high-end machine in a pantomime horse, finally had to choose Android one version of the high-end solutions.

but for future high-end machine problem, we should need to take a look at the definition of it, with no characteristic, no innovation function of the product, whether the configuration is difficult to be considered as I am afraid, no matter how high the high-end machine!

support small and medium-sized manufacturers, to break the technical advantage of giant

for samsung, HTC has such a giant, the advantage of their product with strong technical strength to build the stable hardware and software, fluent, beautiful, of course you also can say they are just propaganda.

however after Google involved hardware solutions, advantages of the true giants will be smooth step by step.

first fluency in the system, Google won’t worse than any of the giant. With experience, and the system can be more concise. Probably better than giant custom to use to use, there will be a large number of users to choose the ratio of the Android one.

second system software upgrade, Google’s solution to quicker than these giant step. Unless you with Google especially close, use also is the Android one or native system.

the last on the quality of hardware, the smart mobile phone industry is already very mature, lower-tier makers product user is difficult to feel the quality differences. For product design, most users only know whether products work fine, didn’t understand the design, the at least two or three line manufacturers can easily do it. On the other, giant product design really the world’s top?

so, Google’s Android one solution will greatly improve the competitiveness of the second – and third-tier manufacturers, and the good is not easy to grow a bit technology capital, begun in the custom system manufacturers, may be hard for decades, night back to before liberation.

to introduce more competition in the market, mobile phone manufacturers of product differentiation needs to take the road!

Google wants to turn all vendors to own outsourcing factory, cell phone manufacturers are willing to?

Google this means, for on chip solutions, in order to conclude the advantages, such as the wintel alliance will be positive response to Google, in order to gain more market advantage.

for two or three line manufacturers technical strength is not enough, just changed a better solution, this determination isn’t difficult at all.

but for giant solid technical strength, it will look before you leap, a walk wrong, may become a future orders all day long with Google, along the Google gives technical standard hard research and development, and finally to make a little hard for big factory. And everywhere is just “the sea voyage on a pilot” such praise Google stopping language.

believe has made many years of money, is trying to escape from circles of Chinese enterprises has a profound understanding on it. But now Google need to do is to put all the vendors in the android ecosystem have become their outsourcing factories.

phone makers are willing to? Technical strength is not enough has been done is OEM outsourcing vendor willing to change a big club, of course, but for the technical strength of the manufacturers, as long as the operating normally, will be. After all, the front and the wintel example, how many PC makers can’t live?

on the one hand, Google will open technical standard, keep the cell phone manufacturers in the development together. For more than a layer of insurance, on the other hand, these giant may unite to chasing wp, firefox OS, bada OS the new operating system.

who is winning and losing? Still not! Although Google occupied many users common services in foreign markets, has many advantages, but, after all, the Internet is not just a Google home, a group of companies still use similar services has looked at Google.

Google do Android one of this standard is good, but in a variety of standard to control over the market, so closed Google kinda scary, also let their danger.