Android system really save electricity: L tests found range increased by thirty percent

Google global I/O developer conference in June, Google foreign introduced a preview of the Android operating system (Android) L L, Google said the new system increased the power-saving technology, recently, foreign media media the power of the system was tested and found a cell phone, same battery can add a third after replacement system.

Google executives at the conference, the android L increases the power saving function, the system can automatically shut down unnecessary software and back-end services, so as to save battery power. In addition, Google also launched a battery monitoring tools, Google also optimized the system application interfaces, the purpose is to save electricity.

recently, science and technology media ArsTechnica had a test the power of the new system. The media in a Google Nexus5 smartphone, two respectively installed android 4.4.4 systems and the latest android L, watch battery life situation.

contrast found that under the android L system, this kind of mobile phone battery life for 471 minutes, while android 4.4.4 system, can provide 345 minutes of battery life. In other words, a cell phone, same replacement for the latest Google android L system, battery life can increase of 36%.

it is reported that in the test, when connected wi-fi network, mobile phone screen keep light, in addition every 15 seconds for mobile browser viewing web pages, automatically refresh, until the battery is completely run out of.

of course, in the development of conference, Google just provides a development preview version of the android L, in the third quarter of this year, the system will be officially released, then the battery life of ascension, may also be expanded.

it is worth mentioning that “L” is just a temporary name of the new operating system, the official launch, Google will determine the version number of the system, at the same time to launch a more easily name that makes noisy.