Android will beat Windows 8 “eat in” touch screen version of Office

according to, touch screen version of Office will soon log on the Android platform in the future. This means that Microsoft decided to let the “outsiders” again ahead of Windows 8 “” belonging to the family, enjoy the touch screen version of Office. And optimized for Metro style touch screen version of Office, launch time, may be from a previous estimate of the fall of 2014, until the spring of 2015.

analysts pointed out that this seemingly unreasonable phenomenon, actually contains the Microsoft’s helpless. , want to let Microsoft services run as soon as possible in the most wide range of platforms. And in the field of mobile intelligent device, Windows share lags far behind the iOS and Android. In view of this, let the touch-screen version of Office takes the lead in landing iOS and Android also understandable.

has been urged Microsoft Windows 8 users, for their touch-screen optimized Office applications.

it is understood that Microsoft may be earlier in 2015, the official launch Windows 9 (code Treshold). After the upgrade of the operating system, will be in the maximum extent, promote the fusion of three Windows.