Android will compete in active users, iOS and WP dare to take that? !

on today’s Google I/O, Google has revealed the message: the future Android will take “the number of monthly active users” to and rivals compete for market share. Previously, many operating systems, including Android owners, basically all equipment used in the registered number (activated) or shipments as evaluation standard.

Android chief Andy rubin, points out that the future Google will use the “active users” within 30 days as the main data of monitoring the Android development. Prior to that, Google has been published is the activation of Android devices. It is important to note that after, according to data from independent organizations global shipments of 1.2 billion Android devices (Google announced last year Android devices to activate a total of 1 billion). And Google claimed that the number of monthly active users to Android now is 1 billion. If the above two figures accurately, so the Android market share and “buy” – long-term use of conversion is not low!

more noteworthy is that Google points out that the Android last year monthly active users is only half of this year (538 million).

it is well known that equipment shipments, activation volume (registration), and today’s month subtle and significant differences between the number of active users. Obviously, compared with the former two month active number of users that can reflect the user more loyalty and the viscosity of a product.

if Google insist on using this strategy in the future, the market share of less than 15% of the iOS, and after four years is expected to top 5% WP, also dare to strong-arm reaction? Still occupy the high-end market, the most profitable iOS is to say, just do not know recently “the north” Microsoft what will they think about it.

in addition, Google also announced today the following Numbers:

the Android platform of installed applications rose 236% last year compared to the same;

the Android download amount breakthrough of the year 48 billion;

Android tablet has thus, market share is 62%;

mobile version of Chrome on a total of more than 300 million active users.