Anecdotal information about company of a large number of police checked into the seizure of computer

on April 22, hunting cloud network news

there are anecdotal reports today, large Numbers of police in fast broadcast corporation today at 11 am, control all the staff, cell phones and computers are not allowed to touch, encloses all company computers! Then suspected fast CEO comfort to employees wang xin will be mail out.

about fast sowing was widely to rumours on weibo. On the evening of April 16th, fast sending two announcement, said the company has started business model transformation, from the technical transformation of original copyrighted content; For quick information will clear the vulgar content with wade pirated content, close the qvod server, stop based on the technology of video on demand and fast download.

quickly announced that after the transformation, there are media questioned the faster the move is to avoid responsibility, henan business review, according to the fast a pornographic video software, can use well known, a household name to describe. In the country to hunt down on pornographic websites stand, fast information immediately announced the launch of a new business model, on the surface, this is a positive action, is self awakening. But in fact it is a kind of self protection. Death pays all debts? Its suggestive history cannot be written off, and cannot be written off.

it is important to note that yesterday, the guangdong provincial high court released 2013 “guangdong intellectual property trial 10 cases”, in order to judge perspective interpretation related to intellectual property rights disputes. 3 q war, China’s huawei IDC dispute with the United States, “soy sauce” behind the Haitian company to Sue a company also violate its trademark case, fast sowing infringement shall be selected.

as of hunting cloud network time, fast company officials did not respond to rumors.