APP promotion dry: RMB 100000 with 20 million users

this paper contribute colton

the previous wrote a “how can a new APP promotion”, many industry friends saw all say too base paper, but I have already indicated in the article is written to prepare to enter the mobile Internet industry of traditional enterprise, sure enough, after the late sent this article many traditional industry friends and I, a recognition of my article. But in view of the industry friends say more basic question, I wrote (WeChat ID: tianyi86913) is an advanced marketing methods, specifically for industry experts, let everyone see the real event promotion power.

see the title, it is estimated that many people would think this is impossible, if use the traditional marketing method is not possible, of course, the traditional APP promotion methods, I think we all know, find a channel, look for other APP in quantity, brush list, and then pay to CPA, CPC, and so on the means of promotion, rely on is the only path channel, and channel the success has become the standard against which all APP is successful, the primitive promotion methods always rooted in everyone’s brain, like selling mobile phone, computer, also depend on the channel to the traditional methods, this method under the condition of the development of social informatization slow once occupied the mainstream of all human thought, under the influence of this thought, the APP in the mobile Internet channel became the object of all APP public relations research, people crowded broken head and rely on the channels, is the price of the channel to the final result is higher and higher, the APP promotion costs more and more high, under the competition of local tyrants APP, no money in the APP would be no promotion opportunity, accounted for the ranking is the APP, other APP there are few opportunities. So the APP promotion must change the idea, a man without I have, people have my superior, optimal I change, say is a kind of continuously exceed thought.

here I will write a APP only spent 100000 yuan has produced 100000 user experience.

things marketing causing concern

once we do a APP, with almost a year of time finally to 1 million active users, it is very tired to do channel one thing, we covered more than 200 channels, each time the APP updates are nearly 200 bag, is indeed a very HaoShen thing. Later we want to a new way to promote our APP, the event marketing, at the end of the end of the year, we see the train tickets has become a big news, just our APP and train tickets can take on some relations, we decided to train tickets for the event of a tipping point, choose train ticket as the tipping point of events, because every Spring Festival and holiday, train ticket attention is the highest, and the crowd of people are our APP by train. Selected train tickets for the event after a tipping point, we’ll do a detailed planning scheme, our APP silently into the scheme, the scheme is divided into early, middle and late, and the execution of the event for each is different, ultimately after approved, we began to enter.

a event, need to use a media platform, according to the observation of the various media platform and we know that we have chosen was a relatively well-known BBS, as events tipping platform, is tipping platform with BBS, appear more authenticity of events, and more to cause the attention of the average user. Detonated in BBS, we gradually spread to other platforms, including blog, microblog, web media, print media, video media, etc., which we use to a lot of resources, after the bombing, in our human, coupled with the previous artificial diffusion, gradually formed a network hot spots, and caused the media attention, formed from a net friend, to the media, to the personage inside course of study, to high-end media, the official of an outbreak of chain focus gradually.

these network hot spots, captured by more web media and print media, cause the attention of the larger, the first to focus on the video media is Shanghai Oriental satellite TV, followed by each channel in the south, including the attention of provincial satellite TV, according to records, the local media probably more than 100, finally triggered attention, CCTV, a set of CCTV in the hottest time, reports the problem about the APP, under the influence of CCTV, concerns continue to more media headlines, our APP once fire. APP in various channels to the growth of the activation volume doubled, looking at the background data, very surprised, because the event marketing has exceeded our expectations.

under the exposure of CCTV, the event caused the attention of relevant departments, the importance is given to the relevant departments. As a result, we follow the pace of events, to make the APP version later remedial measures, and take this opportunity to again triggered a series of media coverage and attention, so far, our marketing for the half a year’s event is painted in a complete sentence, in our small change marketing drew a satisfactory full stop for this event.

data growth than expected

main written above is the whole process of event marketing, below I will write about the event marketing data growth. Whole event marketing after the start of a week after our APP data begin to grow, the APP activation in 1000 or so per day, a week later, in the event marketing by APP, activated begin to grow, to 2000, and then to 5000, increasing to 10000 a month later, after a month and a half rose to twenty thousand, two months after activation increased to 40000, the overall data of 1 million from a year ago, to the more than 2500 a year later, we took less than a year, from 25 million to 30 million we took less than half a year, under the benign growth of data, data growth rule are as base, the greater the the faster the speed of growth. Three years later, the data achieved 40 million. According to my estimation for the whole event marketing data, the whole event marketing brings in more than 20 million users, and our cost after the discount is less than 100000. In the process of this APP promotion, online promotion it took me only two kinds of methods, is spread channel and recommend a, after two years, we only use the start and in quantity, in the promotion of APP, our dependence on channels is very small, we focus on promote my APP to users, during the event marketing, I saw on nearly 150 channels of APP activation energy are in the growth of the double, and we did not find channels to do any demand too much.

in the end, I want to say is, through brush as well as the change to the value of many users won’t be too much, really loyal users is the value of your APP, but the real promotion is the brand promotion, event marketing is only one way, BD doesn’t solve problems by the forever. The real victory is the victory of the brand, in today’s society, was not beyond the products, not only transcend brand, especially those bosses, hope to be able to take advantage of an opportunity to change ideas, must not stick to the rules, or only a dead end.

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