Apparent strangers dating: the final social feast

introduction: weak social relationship was ruled by weibo, strong relationship between social control micro letters and QQ, mobile social fields and start-ups grow? Social strangers could be the last of the whole mobile social map of feast, who can seize the last chance, who might be the next “WeChat”.

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“once thought it outside of the micro letter no social, but devoted to the success of the devoted to prove you wrong.” Of a BBS industry in Beijing, says a social APP entrepreneurs.

weak social relationship was ruled by weibo, strong social relationship be WeChat and QQ control, over the past few years, thought no startup growth space of mobile social field, Momo but grew up in the shadow of tencent is strong.

as of June 30, Momo total registered users reached 148 million, more than 52.34 million monthly active users, Momo total group total more than 3.56 million. Sources, Momo C round completed in the first half of this year, valued at $2 billion, and has begun to IPO.

Momo success is a blow to the Chinese entrepreneurs were. Social strangers could be the last of the whole mobile social map of feast, who can seize the last chance, who might be the next “micro letter”.

move shows to mobile phones

a friend is one of the earliest into the strangers in the field of social entrepreneurship team. Three founders Hu Zhu towers, lerry, Jiang Mingliang had entrepreneurial experience. Hu Zhu towers was founded VXP technology, 2009 buyout by mediatek and Jiang Mingliang founded base media, television shopping company finally sold to long best group.

if third founder lerry, founded one net, this is a special social platform for business people, but not at home, the web site the user demand is not obvious, in the end he had to give up in this direction. In 2011, at the suggestion of lerry, three friends co-founded, social fields into a stranger.

“on the market at that time the only can draw lessons from the 9158 product shape, as a typical representative of show mode, 9158 has achieved stable earnings.” Recalling the start-up stage, Hu Zhu towers that 9158 model of the biggest benefit of object is to enable users to quickly find contacts, can find you want to see immediately once you enter the page content.

but the downside is that this show mode can only be one-to-many, a girl in the face of a lot of boys, finally can only be more people to experience the biggest pleasure, and prick silk is a kind of foil.

add show interface

to learn the experience of 9158 friends to add to their positioning into after 90 young people oriented, grassroots users of mobile dating platform. When the user opens a friend overtime, main interface is a “show” hosted by beauty, in which a user group chat dating in speech way.

“can more kind of know each other through voice, relative to the text, the user’s oppressive feeling will be lower.” Hu Zhu towers, according to the user in a friend plus mainly through voice chat show talent, transfer the mood, compared to the video, voice and lighter, easier to promote produce content.

in Hu Zhu towers, mobile social networking tools can be divided into two categories, one is a delegate with micro believe it, and, easy to acquaintance social tools, these tools need to be strong social relationships, startup is difficult to access.

another kind is with Momo, friends, such as beauty shoot strangers dating tools. In this type of tool, the market has three directions: to stranger stranger represented by interested in dating, the user guide to each interest group; Represented by the taps, seconds, the content of the type of dating, with a special kind of content, such as images or video contact the user as the center.

the third innovation is friend through this kind of interaction, the formation of social APP users. This category is also the most concentrated areas of start-up companies. “In a way, as long as you can find an innovative way to strangers together, together can rushes out their own way.” , mobile social networking tools can be divided into two categories, one is a delegate with WeChat, correspondence, easecredit acquaintance said social tools.

he revealed, friends and the accumulated nearly 30 million registered users, 8.5 million active users, 3 million active users, is expected by the end of 2014 registered users, 45 million, 2015 by 80 million.

all in order to fix you

on the matching user create social problems, another social applications “widgets” more directly.

open together, users can immediately see dating opportunities. “The candlelight dinner, two people, AA and place of chaoyang district”, “go to mount tai travel, 5 people, AA, on August 25, hair”, users only need to click on the registration, by the sponsor, dating will attend.

together the two founders of coke and XiaoJun was once YY executives, leave after YY listed cash business.

“my wife is found on the web, dating is the needs of humanity, with YY’s experience, we naturally choose the mobile social entrepreneurship in this direction.” Coke said Monday.

before the development of micro poly, jiao a in-depth research devoted to devoted to user habits. “They are the use of the standard process, from near to first, and then find a suitable person to wait for a response during looking for the next right away, to leave a message. Need to strike up a conversation about 40 times, will have a reply, and if met together is more difficult, at least to bedding for over an hour.”

“someone says Momo is booty call artifact, in fact, booty call it is difficult to occur. If you are a prick silk, it is more impossible.” Jiao said, “the stranger devoted to this dating efficiency is very low, since the chat is to date, so we simply put the date link lead, each user can directly start date, if there are many people sign up, the initiator can choose on their own.”

in a focal point of view, because the us site, the vast majority are public security do not need to worry about. , according to the content of the due date, place, directly and indirectly help users to filter the object. You are a Gao Shuai rich, for example, are less likely to sign up for a site of bad silk date.

the focal one by using the word “find another social” to describe micro poly form of this product. “Find a thing first, most people start out a circle, finally achieve the purpose of quick match dating, this is more than Momo such as advocated by the social further interest.” And on the business model, because the user is direct us to a restaurant or cinema, this is very easy to cooperate with merchants to establish a business model, formed O2O closed loop.

for the center with the game

beibei – with the game as a user’s social ties

the small poly hope from the start if people from online to offline, then another strange dating tools “beibei” is just the opposite, they hope to continue to maintain people’s social online.

the founder of beibei Li Zheng was the founding staff of air network, after joining the cool 6, before the business has been engaged in the development of mobile video aspect. In 2013, after a serial entrepreneur, Li Zheng and his team have developed “beibei” – a game as the link to promote stranger dating social APP.

similar to friends and, beibei is also targeting the prick silk group. “In Momo this kind of product, if it is a prick silk, you are no chance. You don’t have money, and no appearance, no gift, how to attract the attention of others?”

Li Zheng solution is a game. In beibei, built-in of lianliankan, tanks war, rob close, including 10 kinds mild little game, the depth of the purpose of these games are not allow the user to play, but just to establish social contact with others of a bond.

he to “flip” brand game, for instance, the game can continuously according to the opposite sex photos, user can choose to “flip” brand and “a”, through the algorithm, the image will appear on the other phone, if the two sides each other over the brand, is between the two sides is very interested in, then it will direct connection on both sides, for deeper social.

“the most important social problem is 0 to 1 problem, namely how to make both of you hook up.” Li Zheng explained that both games and other social networking tools of voice, images, etc., is a form of content, the purpose is to let a stranger, quickly establish a link between the social.

it seems to Li Zheng Momo such applications to rely on a strong geographical position, the ultimate goal of Momo users were mostly establish offline contact, this does not apply to prick silk group, they have no money, shy, more hope in the online. In beibei platform, user dating has nothing to do with the geographical position, direct form of social geography country, tens of thousands of miles apart.

three business model became clear


mentioned in this stranger social application status

at the same time, choose the game, the most liquid form of mobile Internet as a social breakthrough, beibei is for their future commercial to find a good way.

in the applications of strangers dating, “game, value-added services and advertising” three big business model is very clear, and have been repeatedly verified. In micro letter game platform, a small game called “cool everyday run online top-up 12 days that break one hundred million yuan.

on the advertising model, Momo go fastest of all. Momo last week issued for local offline businesses online advertising platform “to store”, an important step in commercial exploration.

via “point-to-point” billing method is set up according to the merchants on the covered area and put in the time of message message users integrated computation. If the AD is at the heart of the location, in the rush hour, the relative capacity is big, the input of advertising costs will be high; If it is AD is in the same location, but at other times, traffic was relatively small, advertising costs will be reduced.

overall, to store advertising mechanism is similar to the practice of real estate “to sell the land”, pegged to the geographical location, traffic, period. In addition, the shop’s details page not only shows the user current location and merchants distance, can also directly through the map to navigate to the store.

businesses via “to store”, can be based on message devoted to LBS advertising function, according to their own requirements set scope of geographical position, put in the time, the precision of location near the minimum of 1 km, up to 3 kilometers, near the geographical directivity is almost on the market at present the strongest advertising platform.

“business model on the social product is not problem, the key now is how to find like-minded people quickly and efficiently, and keep them, now, sex and interests or two of the most effective way.” One investor said.