Apple announced a $3 billion bid for Beats, you should know these things

apple today announced a $3 billion deal to buy Beats. As apple trading amount the biggest takeover in history, here are some important information not to be missed:

purchase price: $2.6 billion + $400 million cash payments.

object: post-acquisition Beats Electronics, Beats Music.

buy estimated finish time: in the fourth quarter of this year.

buy way: apple commitment, after the acquisition, Beats brand will continue to keep. In addition, streaming Music service Beats Music will maintain the independence of the operation, it is not and iTunes Sotre for fusion.

buy purpose: according to the cook, the purpose of buying Beats mainly include the following:

first, rare talent for music field. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine future will join the company, directly to the apple apple senior vice President of Eddy Cue to report. Cook noted that Jimmy Iovine in the music industry has extensive contacts and rich experience. It can help apple get tricky music copyright problem.

second, get the brand Beats. Is the most direct benefits, Beats for apple in its young people have high brand image. Apple bought Beats, apparently let more young users “love me, love my dog.” In addition, the brand marketing of Beats is very good, a lot of stars are Beats products image spokesperson. This is apple’s most in need.

third, streaming music technology accumulation and first-mover advantages. According to the cook, apple is fully capable of creating your own a streaming music service, but apple didn’t want to do so. Using the Beats Music in software technology accumulation, apple can cut into the streaming Music industry with the quickest speed.

4, launch new products. Cook suggest that after the two companies cooperation, the future for the music lovers will launch “unimaginable quality products”. As for what is this product (or service), we still don’t know. May be a smart headphones? Or is it an apple style of music listening service…