“Apple – Beats” not to be outdone, Google acquisition Songza personalized music streaming media application

Google has announced acquisition of streaming music personalized recommendation applications. Although for Google this kind of “the 800 – pound gorilla”, buy a company is not big news, but it is worth noting that Google Nemesis apple, after just will have the same function of Beats Music into a bag.

not surprisingly bad, Google’s move means and apple in the streaming music market, will be matched against a frontal.

user familiar with the application of streaming music, on Songza such services will not feel strange. Registered after the application, the user can according to the different types of Songza provide music list, select from the selection in accordance with their specific environment music. Songza provides users with 6 types music list, including morning, going out, indoor recreation, and so on.

why Google acquisition Songza and apple bought Beats Music will produce more direct competition? Thus both provide streaming media promotion services, mainly from the human editors recommend. Previously, Beats Music official pointed out that, human editors select list although efficiency may be low, but may be higher in the accurate degree. It is the only way to show love music user, to find the way to listen to “music CD” feeling.

so far, Songza has 5.5 million active users, this number is far higher than the Beats of the Music, 250000 people (registered users). Google declined to comment on the acquisition of the specific transaction number, but the New York post reported earlier, the figure of $15 million.

today, streaming music service sector is experiencing “regiment campaign” situation. Who can the last laugh, still remains to be seen.