Apple has just been released HealthKit, may have to change name

according to the apple iOS 8 released yesterday “health data collection and monitoring center” HealthKit applications, may face name infringement amount of trouble. A start-up company from Australia, already applied for HealthKit brand patent, corresponding to the domain name, even the Twitter account with the same name.

shortly after the apple launched HealthKit yesterday, the Australian company on Twitter repeating several tweets expressed dissatisfaction with the company and ridicule. One tweet wrote: “apple and we just love our brand.”

in HealthKit announced shortly after, the company’s web site to browse have proliferated. While big companies such as apple doesn’t want to be “on”, but it seems to bring the small company of unexpected benefits.

reports pointed out that for the apple an extremely pay attention to the company, brand and patent protection in the situation is beyond all imagination. Is apple before choosing HealthKit, or are not willing to take five seconds, enter the domain name in the address bar test?

however, some netizens also explains that HealthKit is not an application or product. IOS 8 Health data center is called “the Health”. While “HealthKit” refers to provide to a third party application developers development kit.