Apple is also to make open? No, this is the new closed

on June 16, hunting cloud network

as ios8 release, apple released the latest HealthKit and HomeKit function, many people are surprised to find: “closed for many years (can say never open) of apple products, should open!”

we make this response is based on, apple in the function of the two new app, open up their data interface, to any third party hardware can be called directly. And intelligent household and health care equipment industry has been bullish, considered the next trillions of huge market potential.

add lighting interface should also be open to a third party vendors, hence everyone would naturally think that apple is going to open. But is it true?

smart home and health equipment is more accessories, apple just for trapping the parts manufacturers

intelligent household equipment, health is the product shape is what? Hunting cloud network for several times, the conclusion is: the total control and diversification.

as people health requirements for health and residential model, intelligent household and health equipment will inevitably become diverse. Due to the seriousness of the human body health, the complexity of the local law requirements, more difficult to form a unified “killer” products.

this is doomed to a “t” market classification is various, the extremely complex market, basically can make sure no one company can fully involved in all the classification of the. If one company try to cover, no matter he can’t do it, first of all bring complex corporate sector architecture and management issues, points minutes to drag himself to death.

and big companies like apple, users all over the world, there is so much impossible users away. The best way and only make a “total control platform”, then you passed me by all’t escape from my palm.

for reasons of cost and use concise, most of the health monitoring and intelligent household products won’t do make it a “XX” subversive intelligence, most products with a minimalist data collector, in the form of a single function, specific data storage and analysis of all to “total control platform”.

so, for the future era of new hardware, the most important thing is that all data, information gathering hardware products processing platform. And has a specific function of health equipment, intelligent household, in fact, more like than mobile phone holster advanced peripheral accessories.

new hardware is more like the app, provide an excellent standard and patent can form new ecological

although health equipment and intelligent household variety, exclusive function of the technology is also far. But if they want to achieve “smart”, we mean the same rf technology standardization of software and hardware technology, the embedded platform, and so on. In front of apple, maybe should add a: patent of appearance design (standard).

samsung and apple on patent battle for so many years, has been known by people. Even samsung this had in-depth every aspect in the supply chain, the core technology of layout, one of the big international company, because all sorts of patents and bound hands bound feet.

then other not very big, or is a start-up company?

for the technology industry, all want to research and development for the consumer products company, requires that the upstream suppliers to provide the best quality, the most comprehensive solutions, to decrease the difficulty of their own research and development to focus on their own research and development.

mediatek in this job, qualcomm also to do it, happy happy, broadcom, Intel, and so on are cut head, as well as cultivating their bases. But relative to time and time again the apple to change the world, their ecological product software and hardware integration, market, technology patents, a far cry from what it would be!

for new hardware developer, apple now has the world’s most perfect platform for the mobile Internet ecosystem, and the basis of complete sets of advanced comprehensive hardware solution, excellent software docking system, the basis of complete hardware standard patent, distinctive software and hardware design patents, and so on.

if the full package “to” new hardware developers, such attractive have how old?

of course, apple can’t nothing! Just your product must use my big apple chip solution, must can only use my iBeacon standards, using my patent of appearance design must be owned by the company, I would like to give you open mold production, to produce products must APPstore sales in our family… How much money score I finally sold!

think apple on metal shell design patent, think apple monopoly of liquid metal manufacturing technology, think apple is buy sapphire processing craft, think again apple unique lighting interface and iBeacon standard hardware and software patents.

the apple is the whole world of third-party developers into their company, let the groups of companies to build their own platform, to develop its own ecological?

apple did not open, but the more closed.