Apple is said to have started to make smart home with their own hands

according to, apple has a secret organized a new team, to build and apple together existing products intelligent household hardware.

hunting cloud network editor jun originally see this message, and you feel a little “nonsense”. But given the reports from “apple well-informed” always seems to have some credibility. The man several times before the sole and relatively accurately report the latest news about the iOS 8.

however, the report did not disclose the apple the team is to develop what type of smart home products. Insiders pointed out that apple is very value and the future development of smart home, and think what they build products will become the mainstream necessities in people’s lives.

at the same time, another source of fact seems to lost we pointed out the direction. Apple’s internal think Google in an attempt to rely on intelligent thermostat Nest, will establish a unified platform seemed a fable which penetration rate is not so high. Apple may create an advanced family speaker system, or is a special smart home controller.

interestingly, analysts believe that apple company after purchase Beats, may help the so-called apple speaker system.