Apple mobile payment products coming, has started negotiation with retailers

on 31 May, according to the technology blog 9 to5mac report, a source familiar with the situation, according to apple have been with some “luxury clothes on sale and high quality products of high-profile retail brand” mobile payment service related discussions.

reported that apple mobile payment services will be integrated with iTunes account, allowing users to use the iPhone smartphone to pay in the store.

the industry pointed out that the integration will be very meaningful for apple. Apple already has more than 800 million iTunes accounts, and has been in the retail store promotion iBeacon micro positioning technology. In February of this year, apple’s chief executive Tim Cook (Tim Cook) almost has admitted that the company is developing a iPhone mobile payment system.

but, according to 9 to5mac reported so far, apple for negotiations with the retail brand is exploratory, therefore does not expect the company to the scheduled for next week’s worldwide developers conference (WWDC) on mobile payment services.

it’s also worth pointing out is that apple’s retail director Angela Allen DE Bates (Angela Ahrendts), a former chief executive of burberry, and burberry is a “luxury clothes on sale and high quality products of high-profile retail brands”. According to the report, Alan DE hopes in apple’s own retail store to test and improve its mobile payment services.

source: tencent technology