Apple Siri patent fight with Chinese company “lost”, or to shut down in China

apple Siri voice assistant from Shanghai ZhiZhen company patent infringement lawsuit. The company believes apple Siri and their application in 2004 small I robot is similar to the patent. Apple filed a lawsuit to the court, then calling for the small robot I patent is invalid. Beijing yesterday, unfortunately, the first people’s intermediate court dismissed apple’s claims.

small I robot itself is intelligent robot the first brand in China, business has been involved in communication, finance, government, electronic commerce, intelligent home appliances and automotive and other industries, the intelligent human-computer interaction (text, voice, etc.) of all channels (Web, MSN, fetion, QQ, weibo, WAP, SMS, electronic equipment, etc.) on leading integrated application.

“first financial daily” said a few days ago “small robot on the technology I absolutely no loss of color in apple Siri”. Article reported that in 2013 China merchants bank in combination with small I launch the Web robot, micro letter, QQ, weibo, such as full service channels, including the industry’s first “micro letter customer service robot”, interaction of more than 600000 times a day, accuracy was 98%, and the saving SMS (18 million/year), instead of manual telephone cost 30 million/year.

the apple and the little I had forged a “resentments” robot. The following is about two people “dish of intestinal wars” publicly reported:

in June 2012, a small robot in Shanghai I launched Siri’s patent infringement lawsuit against apple.

in 2012, the founder of the small robot I Yuan Hui has said that apple’s Siri implementation mechanism and pattern is the same with the little I robot, although not directly say 100% of infringement, but almost entirely infringement.

apple thinks small I robot possess patent should be invalid, therefore on November 19, 2012, apply to the state intellectual property office of the patent reexamination board, request small I declared robot the patent right invalid.

in September 16, 2013, however, the state intellectual property office of the patent reexamination board to make a decision, maintain a small robot I patent effective decision.

the company refuses to accept the decision of the patent reexamination board, with the state intellectual property office of the patent reexamination board as the defendant, to the Beijing first intermediate people’s court of administrative litigation, the request to withdraw a defendant no. 21307 for examining the request for invalidation of the decision.

on February 27, 2014, the Beijing no 1 intermediate people’s court of the administrative state intellectual property office of the case against apple. On the same day, after more than five hours of the trial court, the court did not. This is the first time after 4 months, the court of first instance verdict.

with the ruling, announced the results of some analysts think apple Siri is likely to be forced to withdraw from the Chinese market. More analysis, however, think that apple will indeed not, will continue to Sue. In view of this, in the short term Siri market in China will not be too big effect.