Apple suppliers map exposure: a total of 590 around the world

according to Taiwan media reports, apple’s suppliers in 2014 map exposure. Apple has 590 suppliers in the world, but the centralized distribution in mainland China, Taiwan, the United States and Japan.

谷崧 Taiwan this year, the United States of the law, wei xiang and unlisted kun e a ? ? new out for Double hon, clever, like electricity and unlisted too b, are out of the supply chain.

number of Japan and the United States this year’s supply chain are lower than last year, the mainland firms increased from 330 to 349, the overall number of Taiwan are a much more than last year. According to this view, the center of gravity of the decentralized supply chain manufacturers, apple should be placed in emerging Asia.

apple to supplier love-hate

have been media reports pointed out that the supplier for apple love-hate relationship. “Apple’s request is too high, and apple fruit do not speak, can do you do, we can’t do substitution. according to the confidentiality agreement, “an unnamed apple components suppliers said the director. Apple suppliers to maintain absolute silence, in the event of product leak even financial penalties.

apple mobile phone leading market, mobile phone components of natural also beyond the capability of the supplier companies. “IPhone is better than other similar smartphone lead for two years, the supply of components, we need to research and development, and pilot run.” Early, according to the director, both require a great deal of research and development input, and the yield is low, usually only about 20%, “even if that can be recognized apple, product rate of 80% in”.

in fact, between apple and the supplier has set up a “love-hate” relationship, the Taiwan industrial technology research institute director Stephen su once in a supply for apple iPhone, it worked in a company and a Macbook camera module. “Apple does not a new technology to joint investment with supplier”, apple will only be forced to “must”.

in the face of apple so “difficulties”, investment is very big, why there are so many suppliers, answered the call to them?

“for two reasons: one is the requirement of the apple, although high, but the advantage technology development of leading enterprises to market; Second, apple’s purchase quantity is big enough, and it is a product, as long as on a product conforms to the requirement of the apple, we have both shipments on the goal, at the same time management instead more simple, more clearly.” The supplier on condition of anonymity said the director.

if, in contrast, supply samsung components products for samsung mobile phone models of many, each product of different market reaction, samsung, adjust the supply of each product components, it is against the supplier’s production management and.

reports alleged that apple sales, in addition to the associated with the high quality of the product itself, also had nothing to do with squeezing foundry enterprise contract fee, but that is not the case. although not mention specific manufacturer, but there are a number of components suppliers, from start to supply apple, samsung, HTC, to finally become a supply “, “only for apple.