Apple under a mysterious and great project: class version of Siri

all started with a British Columbia whistler small conferences.

the meeting topic is speech recognition, the participants discussed the new unconfirmed machine intelligence (sometimes called deep learning) can help computer more effectively identify oral English. Microsoft paid for this small seminar held on Christmas Eve in 2009, two researchers invited world-famous deep learning experts, of the university of Toronto Geoff Hinton, to make a speech.

Hinton that machine learning model can work like human brain neurons, he wanted to build a “neural network”, when it receives a lot of oral English, can form the understanding of them. Neural network had a fire in the 1980 s, but by the end of 2009 had a misfit.

in whistler together voice recognition the researchers respect Hinton’s idea, but Microsoft research institute director Peter Lee said “they are not interested in. These researchers have their own algorithms. But Microsoft team think deep learning is worth a try, so Microsoft several engineers and whistler, a researcher at the work together, do a few experiments with real data. The result is “amazing”, according to Lee recalled, natural speech recognition accuracy by more than 25%. In the field, 5% improvement is enough to change pattern. “We published the results, it has changed the world.”

when five years now, the algorithm of neural network is the mainstream, it in new and exciting way make computers more intelligent. Google has used it enhance Android’s voice recognition capabilities, IBM is using. Most notably, Microsoft will it as part of the similar Star Trek network translation, the words of it can be translated into another language almost at the same time. Hinton said: “people doubt at first, but now this method has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, is widely used.”

apple still not took a key step, Siri software to upgrade

a big-name companies still took a key step: that is an apple, Siri software to upgrade it. While apple is secretive about its internal operations are notoriously – and it does not comment on – but it seems to have in advance from the most famous speech recognition supplier bought Nuance speech recognition technology. Artificial intelligence researchers think apple is about to change, it formed its own language recognition panel, Siri also enhance neural network is formed.

apple hired Microsoft’s senior manager Alex Acero last year. Now as apple Siri team executives Acero language recognition nearly 20 years at Microsoft research. Apple also researcher from Nuance poached language recognition, including Siri’s manager Gunnar Evermann and researcher at the university of Edinburgh Arnab Ghoshal.

apple poached postdoctoral researcher at the university of Toronto Abdel rahman – Mohamed said: “apple hire management not only, still hire leaders and researchers. They are build a powerful team for the research of speech recognition.”

in yahoo oversees research and help start the project, initially gave rise to Siri’s Ron Brachman, points out that the number of apple iPhone assistant rely on much more than speech recognition. But Microsoft’s Peter Lee gave apple six months to catch up with Microsoft and Google’s time. He thinks this will greatly improve Siri’s talent. “In addition to the apple Siri, exchange, all the key players,” he said, “I think it’s only a matter of time.”