Apple will launch “everyone is doing, but didn’t do” of the new product

in the results announced to the world “, “cook again with a” than at any time, we are closer to launch a new product “words, reminded us in the imagination. Before annual WWDC, apple inadvertently reveal their new product information. However, this new product is the extent of the “new”, depending on how we understand.

yesterday, in an interview with the Wall Street journal interview, cook said such a words: “want to make a really good product, it takes a lot of time. Currently on the market is filled with a lot of no deliberate products. In other words, these products are not good enough.”

as a CEO of attention to detail, the idea is exquisite, the cook’s words revealed the important information about new apple products two points:

first of all, this product is currently on the market competition has already begun to do, but they do not let users satisfied with the products.

second, created in order to put the new product to be as perfect as possible, regardless of apple investors “innovation”, adhere to the development for a long time.

if along this line of thought, thought, apple’s new product what is it? Spirit of not afraid of being beaten face “fearless” spirit, hunting cloud network editor jun to provide you with three possibilities:

probability is the largest health monitoring function of apple smart watches. the reason is that it is basically in line with the above two “conditions” — to do a lot of people, but do not satisfactory; In addition, apple had hired a large number of first close and medical health field experts, etc.

may be apple’s independent of mobile payment system. at the beginning of the iPhone 5 s release, cook said apple’s represented by fingerprint identification is interested in a new type of payment, and tactfully criticized the most mobile payment tools on the market at present the user experience.

least likely is the media has been advocating “Apple TV” (note not Apple TV). Reason is that apple in the smart TV content of the construction of the ecological still struggling.

of course, this “new” products may also have only refers to the iPhone and the original product such as . Because apple seems to think that, as long as can provide users with better products, more convenient to use experience, can be referred to as the “new”.

what the outcome, will wait at the WWDC 2014 conference in June.