Apple’s App Store sixth anniversary: 21% of applications has “death”

today is apple company (hereinafter referred to as the “apple”) App Store App Store sixth birthday. , according to latest data by the apple App Store now has 1.2 million applications, the cumulative downloads is 75 billion times. But, according to two research firms, according to data released today for application developers, the App Store business in a difficult position. Among them, a research firm, according to data of more than 21% once in the application of the App Store has “death”. But on the other, a research firm, said appeared on the App Store a new trend of “application of burnout”.

the so-called “tired”, refers to many application by the user as a “one-off”, a play enough for them. As long as finished the task or the emergence of a new fun, they will be abandoned.

application of death and burnout

unlike before boxed software s, application developers need to consider the sales now. But they have to find and retain loyal users, increase user engagement, thinking, including mobile advertising and the application and paid within various profit model, and strive for changing the App Store is to maintain a higher ranking list.

research company Adjust data show that so far 1601413 applications have been uploaded to the App Store, but now only 1252777 applications. In the application of those deaths, 27% for books and 25% for entertainment, 25% for the utility classes.

at the same time, the application of App Store Numbers are still growing, add about 60000 applications a month. Adjust, according to the momentum is no signs of slowing down. Adjust expected, from now on until the App Store seventh anniversary, the App Store will add 5.78 billion applications, and by January 2016 will increase to 952977 applications.

with the increase of the number of the application, many applications almost never see the light of day. Then, the application becomes a “zombie”. Adjust, said two-thirds in a month of time appear in any 39171 App Store is the active application on top the list, or “zombie” application.

Adjust, said in the past few years, the “zombie” application on the App Store more and more. “Zombie” application in June, compared with 79.6% (1197087 of 953387), while the proportion was 77% in May this year, in June last year the proportion was 70.4%.

application exposure challenge

for developers, this means that already can’t count on through the App Store’s top ranking to discovered by users.

the apple iOS 8 in order to solve the problem. 8 the iOS App Store increased more application subclass, launch applications, also search trends by search Suggestions and improve the search capability.

and, more importantly, apple’s App Store directly incorporated into the iOS 8. Now, under the system input keywords in the search box, can display the search results from the App Store.

user loyalty decline

at the same time, the research firm Localytics also reported, the App Store is facing the problem of how to retain users, namely “application viscosity” problem. Localytics, according to the current App Store overall viscosity of 22% of all applications.

among them, the highest viscosity, media and entertainment applications and technology applications (such as timers, calculators) and the lowest viscosity of the game, in the second quarter of this year’s viscosity were 16% and 19% respectively.

in addition, the Localytics also points out the “application of burnout” problem. Many application by the user as a “one-off”, a play them enough. As long as finished the task or the emergence of a new fun, they will be abandoned. (li Ming)

source: sina science and technology