Apple’s on-board system CarPlay eight new car companies

Beijing time on July 2, after the announced last week that audi will support CarPlay on-board system, and there are eight car makers are on apple’s official website “partners” list, including the Chrysler, dodge, jeep, Mazda, etc.

the audi on Tuesday was formally added to apple’s official website, besides, still added eight other carmakers, including: abbas, alfa romeo, Chrysler, dodge, fiat, jeep, Mazda, Ram.

prior to this, Toyota, ford, BMW, Chevrolet, nissan and other companies have announced support CarPlay. Although many manufacturers did not give a launch date of the actual product, but audi has announced last week in part of the 2015 models to increase the configuration.

the many enterprises as well as Google Android members of the “open car alliance”, also said that some enterprises will be in the future car infotainment system at the same time support Android Auto and CarPlay.

at present a total of five automakers pledged to support CarPlay in 2014 models, are ferrari, Honda, hyundai, Benz and Volvo.

Alpine and Pioneer company will according to design the corresponding product for the old model.

a week ago, apple has updated the CarPlay website, At Bat used as initial third-party partners, and Podcasts, Beats Music, iHeartRadio, services and Stitcher the same treatment.

CarPlay will also be compatible with apple iPhone, music, maps, the Messages application. The latest “Now Play” application will also serve as the exclusive default configurations for CarPlay system.

when CarPlay product launch later this year, can support the iPhone 5 s, the iPhone 5 c, the iPhone 5. If you want to directly connected to the on-board system, with the aid of a lightning interface cable is needed. (book Yu)