Apple’s worldwide developers conference: to issue the new system without the iPhone 6

Beijing time on June 3, the morning news, the company 2014 annual worldwide developers conference in San Francisco. Assembly is divided into three parts: new desktop operating system Yosemite (John), launched the latest generation mobile operating system iOS 8 and application developers.

new generation of mobile operating system iOS 8

apple’s latest generation of mobile operating system iOS 8

the latest generation mobile operating system iOS with previous generation iOS 7 8 interface basic same, but on some commonly used function were significantly improved, apple said iOS 8 joined the details. First of all, the iOS top 8 in the system notification bar enhanced interactivity. SMS application, for example, when users receive a text message, can be directly in the notification bar to reply, and don’t have to enter text application interface, other applications are similar. Such as users to efficiently manage your email again, multitasking background contact interface, etc., apple, officials said it is these details form the user experience.

8 iOS mobile operating system reform of new information service

due to the SMS function is the most commonly used functions, in the latest mobile system, the company spent a lot of effort to improve the iOS 8 the text messaging function. The change of the “information” is to make it more like an IM chatting tools, not only supports group chat also can send voice and video, directly between the iOS users can complete the micro letter or Whatsapp software such as almost all of the chat function.

first of all, the iOS 8 information to introduce the concept of “group”, can be directly “pull” a dialogue, a number of friends or remove someone, still can give a name to dialogue, or exit the group chat, and named after this conversation support.

second, support sharing geographical position, which can realize more than sharing real-time position, and can direct phone or Facetime friends and sharing.

the most welcome that iOS 8 information support voice message, similar to the micro letter can hold down the button to record audio or video message directly. Voice messages can be real time length, and through the audio wave chart displayed in the dialog in the message.

that is to say, the iOS 8 information function almost covers the current mainstream IM all commonly used functions, this will have on WeChat such tools is a major challenge.

input function has gained intelligence improvement. In the latest iOS 8, the system will give the predictive Suggestions when user input. For example, texting friends ask you to have dinner or see a film this evening? QuickType functions will be displayed in the input method “to eat” or “movie”, let you to complete the fast reply.

new iOS search function is also very strong. IOS 8 Spotlight is no longer a local search in the system and can be connected to the Internet to find the App, looking for news, restaurant, songs, movies, etc.

new iOS system is a new Family to share (Family Sharing) function. Users buy a song in iTunes, you can use this feature to share for up to 6 family members, very practical to save money.

photos function also have significantly improved, the user can “smart editor” images, adjust the picture more parameters, such as visibility, contrast, brightness, etc. After editing photos, can also be synchronized to the user up to cloud space, all can watch on the equipment.

at the beginning of the release of exposure in the picture, the iOS 8 major points including the application of health to ascend. At the conference, apple in iOS 8 built-in HealthKit health management applications, support for third-party wearable products such as Nike, and medical institutions through to the data, become a health management platform.

the new iOS, apple iPhone, ipod, Mac and seamless docking device, the user can through the device, Mac and receive calls and information, is no longer limited to the iPhone, but the phone behavior such as through the iPhone.

in addition, the voice assistant Siri also upgraded, increase the support in the Chinese calendar, and other functions.

8 today will launch the iOS developer beta, formal version released this fall, support including the iPhone 4 s and above, the 2 and above and the iPod touch 5 equipment upgrades.

new Yosemite desktop operating system (John)



apple released new desktop operating system Yosemite (John)

the new Mac desktop operating system named Yosemite (John), which is located in the first state park, California, USA. Mac OS 10.9 and the last time, is the first time abandoned cats as a system name, select in northern California beach giant, a humble surfing beaches are naming made for Mac system.

new Mac Yosemite interface style changed, redraw the system icon, approaching the iOS flat style. And redesigned the top tool bar and the style of the window, the window before the iconic close the maximize, minimize, or give up button spherical shadow effect, more tend to flat, color is more bright. And the top toolbar background are all made of translucent, similar iOS 7 notification center.

when it comes to notify the center, the Mac Yosemite before completely reverse design style, also can say “copy” the iOS 7 design train of thought. There are two tabs, including “today” and the “notice”, can display including calendars, remind, weather here, and the application of the third party.

but it is worth mentioning that the Yosemite notification center joined the third-party plug-in, that is to say, application developers can design a Widget (small control, similar to the Android system) allows users to add to the Mac notification center.

the new released up to Drive documents fully integrated into the Finder cloud synchronization function, the user can directly edit operation in the Finder will document and real-time synchronization. Through the function user can cross device synchronization, and up to Drive will be compatible with Windows system. Can say, it is up to Drive after iWork cloud synchronization function integration and system itself.

Yosemite email also introduce large attachment function, can be big to upload attachments directly into security links to share.

new Safari introduced privacy window mode, more rich and sharing function, can see the recent messages when share contacts, convenient and quick to share. And, apple said Safari currently running Javascript code beyond any other browser on the market.

Yosemite also strengthened the interaction capabilities both iOS and Mac devices. When the Mac and iPhone near, the system will automatically synchronous connection. Since then, the user operation can be automatically on the Mac to step to the iPhone, such as Pages, can continue to edit after moving from Mac to the iPhone. Of course is not limited to, E-mail, maps, remind, calendar and so on also is feasible.

the new Mac system also can assume the function of the iPhone to answer the call. When calling, there will be notification on Mac, display name, phone number and picture, then you can turn the Mac into a large-sized hands-free phones.

users can also directly reply SMS text messages on the Mac, Mac has been achieved before called iMessage — messages sent and received, while the join common messages of support. So, after all the information on the iPhone will appear on the Mac, the user can also directly on the Mac invite friends group chat, or send a photo.

and realize what the function does not need special Settings, as long as the guarantee under the same WiFi network.

Mac Yosemite download from this day to provide developers, autumn, is still free.

application developers

apple launched the latest programming language Swift (Swift)

as a conference for developers, the company this year to launch a series of new applications and services related to the development, including a new version of the SDK, new programming languages, etc.

a new version of the SDK added 4000 API (application programming interface), developers can take more abundant application development capabilities; Last year’s fingerprint recognition Touch ID will be open to developers. At the same time, the developer will also have more camera API (application programming interface).

apple also hope to enter the field of intelligent household, introduced a HomeKit function, want to make the iPhone home intelligent remote control device. At present, a lot of intelligent equipment factory agent in support HomeKit, China manufacturer haier cooperation manufacturers list.

in all for developers to provide service, the latest programming languages – Swift (Swift) is the biggest bright spot. Apple said, compared with the existing development language C and Python, “swift” an edge, programming quicker, better achieve desired effect.

in addition, in view of the developers, the company also introduced a tool to optimize a casual games SpriteKit, Xcode and the latest development tool set.

no hardware product release

before the worldwide developers conference, has predicted the apple will have some hardware product appearance, even iWatch smart watches, iPhone 6, because of the health management applications HealthKit will be released. In fact, the meeting more software, operating system have been improved, and the hardware product there is no release. As for the rumored iPhone 6, iWatch smart watches, can only wait until apple traditional hardware conference debut in September.

source: sina mobile phone