Application of distributed enclosure, payers all over the world

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there are reports that, apple’s App Store are discussing cooperation with China mobile to carry out the money. Money is easy enough, mobile and has 700 million users in many paying willingness, is money the user. The App Store now USES the credit card pre authorization payment is difficult to cater to the habit of Chinese users.

Chinese users pay for habits began to form

mobile data analysis company App Annie released the first quarter of the global mobile market analysis report, the report showed that the application of the Google Play Store downloaded over 45%, apple’s App Store but the income of the App Store is more than 85% of the Google Play. China is the AppStore downloads of the main growth and income, China App Store yields increased by 70% than last quarter.

the Chinese market has become a new growth point of the App Store. The reason may come from the following aspects:

l Chinese users are increasingly demanding of App and gaming experience, is willing to pay for the App;

l charge pattern of mature application to make the user and application market is no longer a pole, later in the game, the application of the transaction is still apply to market share;

l iPhone jailbreak has become more difficult, the user must for application of some legal fees to spend money.

application market opportunities in mobile gaming and application fee

App has tend to be saturated. Directly to the application of user fees can be very few and far between, but the market and application don’t want to happen with users a rod to buy and sell “after” bye bye.

in the application itself towards free, application fee within this new model is on the rise. Selling the props in the mobile game model and the most typical. Swim and swim on page value-added model to be copied to mobile games. No matter which country or region, the game class application still is one of the world’s biggest download app market and source of income, the app Store 75% of its revenue, and Google Play 90% of its revenues from game, revenue models are mostly in-game value-added rate.

mobile Internet most of the local tyrants players all from hand tour company. In charge mode has been they proved successful. Just submit the SEC filing touch technology prospectus shows that rely on fishing’s got talent series and issuance of the business such as game, touch technology game in 2012 and 2012 water surged 963.73% and 896.34%.

it can be said that the mobile phone games to support some of the application of distribution channels, and raise the average costs of distributed application. Baidu bought by a 91, 360 mobile phone assistant and wireless micro letter at present a lot of revenue from mobile games combined transport. CPT, CPA, and the application of CPC these simple distribution market profit model is far from application based on the charge transport in last. As long as the App with the user transactions, provide application pay inside players can points.

mobile game overwhelmed common App, application fee within the App to collect fees, the two trends it becomes important to let the application market has the ability to pay. No payment application market, vertical e-commerce sites is equivalent to total want to use pay treasure to such tools, sell, the more to pay treasure to rate is, the more there is always the feeling of working odd.

the App Store is to enhance the ability to pay, Google Play is pre authorization payment, other domestic application distribution market situation?

MobileMarket : pay not enough

to pay only a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition. Although China mobile has money, but the MM because bad product experience and operation ability and integration ability, help is not on the wall. After the move to more Chinese to netting terminal manufacturers with MM, now Chinese has failed, terminal market vendors are doing their own application. Therefore, the future market MM basic application of distribution can be ignored.

: baidu baidu wallet is lacking payment

after the acquisition of 91 wireless become the biggest application of distribution channels, downloaded more than 100 million, there are a large part from the mobile game developers. Now baidu has launched its own payment tool “wallet” baidu, is open for third-party applications. This means that the next baidu application distribution inside the ecological developers are likely to access baidu’s wallet. And these transactions within the application, will also get a cup to distribution channels and baidu baidu purse applications. This will be baidu application distribution in advertising, can continuously generate revenue an opportunity, the developers also received payment tool support.

millet: preview layout MiPay

is a relatively rare millet somthing distribution terminal manufacturers to be used. Millet beautiful MIUI users late last year and month revenue has exceeded 30 million, including the game accounted 60%. Millet application distribution is the basis of millet mobile phone shipments, lei jun says shipments this year, 40 million, 100 million next year. At that time, the layout of the millet to MiPay appears very proactive, can forget NFC, MiPay is blunt electricity application distribution and millet.

UC : promote distribution ability is more important

UC at the end of last year to buy PP assistant, want a share in the field of distribution. This means that it also needs to have their own pay. This time it becomes important to ali to UC. Ali is UC shareholders, Mr Ma is the director, the background that UC do not have to push their own payment tool, but a close contact with alipay.

however, the current UC distribute mainly depends on acquisitions to PP assistant. From PP assistants, according to data released on the iOS end users up to 40 million, the App downloaded over 8 million times a day, less than one over ten of baidu, and other distribution platform gap is larger. Before you consider payment, promote distribution platform distribution ability is more important.

360 : pay don’t push too late

360 will focus on my current job in the intelligent hardware, gradually built a lot of intelligent hardware this year, at the same time by introducing new areas like television assistant foray into smart TV. To the payment of such basic ability, however, there is no see related actions. The main profit model and 360 mobile phone assistant is game combined transport. How to pay a tool for game developers, from the “game” trading game App, problem to be solved is 360. In the future, if 360 still do not pay, on its platform game with baidu or MiPay wallet is very embarrassing.

peas: busy so much

peas entertainment search means application distribution comprehensive transformation, especially the game combined transport and application in charge of this model is no longer the focus of it. Peas at the core of the future profit model is likely to be advertising, because when it comes to search all thought is advertising. Moreover, peas, I’m afraid there is no the ability to do an own payment tool.

App Store cooperation with China mobile phone payment, illustrates the application of distribution market opportunities in the future is to apply the charge and mobile phone games, became important application in the ability to pay. The application of distributed in the future market, have to payer must be in the world.

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