Apply Internet thinking to logistics opportunities will detonate what?

/Huang Gang, source: weibo @ Huang Gang – logistics and supply chain

in 2014, the word “Internet” thinking has been the major areas of abuse, in front of all kinds of fun, I think the problem have two sides, there is no wrong word, wrong and user’s mentality and starting point. If it is to fool you, it’s not much value, and not in the long run; If borrow such thinking to cross-border thinking, and fall to the ground, it will bring inspiration for each field. I once said: the more traditional industries, in the Internet today, the more business opportunities. Logistics, of course, is no exception!

inventory business: that is the first retail + Internet=electricity, finally develop into O2O; Financial + Internet=the Internet; Brand + OEM mode + Internet=millet; Traditional manufacturing + Internet=haier new pattern; Traditional education + Internet=Internet education; Logistics + Internet be? This became known as a topic of concern. Just himself (weibo @ Huang Gang – logistics and supply chain) root in the logistics field for 13 years, at the same time combines the Internet and logistics has 4 years, so today use crossover thinking and exploring, thinking to think about how to use the Internet logistics business opportunities.

one, you must pay attention to the logistics front business change, understand the trend of Internet business

in the past 10 years the development of e-commerce, the traditional Chinese logistics to promote fast lane, jingdong, ali today companies listed abroad in succession, the logistics become the culmination of a valuation. This is why liu stressed throughout the core values of jingdong logistics, which is why Mr Ma will be listed on the ali first year (2013) high-profile launch rookie key internal logistics platform, logistics platform for large electric business enterprise has clear strategic value.

from another perspective, truly serve the logistics enterprises of electricity, but the lack of knowledge of industry value. Many logistics enterprises operators of the thinking of most of the services in a passive role, meager profit from operations, companies like bow is a typical work of thinking, lack of commercial vision to look up into the sky. Let’s look at 2014 industry change:

1, the change of delivery quantity: when logistics enterprises to see the package quantity from 5.7 billion to 2012, 2013 in 9.2 billion to change, may be the trend of more than 120 hundred million in 2014, only to see the change of the quantity, didn’t pay attention to logistics front-end business changes.

2, the changes of the logistics demand: once a lot of enterprise in the service in the contract logistics business (B2B), electricity B2C logistics demand came; When the logistics enterprise comprehensive competition for B2C logistics demand, O2O and C2B. In the face of jingdong, ali, suning O2O layout, in the face of haier, millet C2B trend, suitable abundant, companies such as day early layout of the market. Under the traditional logistics enterprises, do you know the value of a service point? Especially those who continue to contract logistics enterprises.

3, the logistics carrier changes: the data showed that 2013 of highway freight traffic reduces the 2-5% relative to the previous year, semi-trailer sales by 27%; And the tee, the flow rate increases to 50% – 50%, such as motion reached 34 motion of the aircraft (own the whole cargo aircraft up to 15), and gravels LCL companies such as increasing the volume of about 40%. All these basic data can be seen that the changes of the whole logistics forms.

4, logistics, the changes of the upstream business: business has 2014 from industrialized thinking to upgrade to the Internet. From the perspective of supply chain, in 2014 the major industry of the supply chain mode is facing new changes. The industrialization of the traditional thinking is batch production of products from different channels to penetrate the end consumers, channels of supply chain is to sell inventory mode; And Internet business has 2014 from O2O experience C2B customized service, the traditional mobile phone models to C2B millet, the traditional pattern of home appliances to the transformation of haier’s Internet DIY mode, the traditional pattern of Detroit to silicon valley tesla production car model, all of the Internet industry, will be C drive as the core, to replace inventory information, subverts the traditional business model, and, of course, followed by logistics service mode of change.

new Internet business, drive is the experience of personalized customization consumption + O2O, this will encourage the growth of small batch, batches and high frequency logistics service demand, B2B logistics service will be lonely, followed by express delivery, less-than-one carload of increasing demand, to build the logistics service system, must be a platform in the spring of the logistics business enterprise.

so, logistics upstream business thinking and accelerate the development of the Internet, logistics enterprise if not rapid transformation and innovation, the market is relentless.

2, the Internet brings to the logistics industry of thinking business

now that says the traditional industry, in the Internet today, the more business opportunities, logistics is not exceptional also, of course! So logistics Internet, actually what business opportunities?

1, logistics platform of the Internet, bringing in the new business opportunities

I have been counting ten of China’s logistics platform, including LCL logistics platform, highway port platform, express delivery, the last kilometer platform, platform of logistics park, logistics capacity resource platform, logistics network business platform… In the future from different aspects, the commercial value of platform development, actually these platforms are not isolated, forever stacked together constitute the Chinese logistics business ecosystem.

the platform of logistics enterprises in China in 2014, has begun to take shape, but the business format not yet forming platform, logistics platform for enterprise business model is traditional, how to transform the management thinking?

logistics platform should be thinking about alibaba mode, millet, 360:

1) platform for logistics enterprises should learn alibaba ecological pattern, not to earn money, upstream and downstream from the perspective of platform for the extended data, finance, traffic, marketing and other business value, in fact, logistics platform trading pool is large enough, the value of big data is obvious, alibaba has realized the startup dream, let more entrepreneurs also logistics platform can also bring more small and medium-sized logistics enterprises business.

2) platform for logistics enterprises should learn millet pattern, mainstream products mobile phone does not make money, foundry and foxconn is outsourcing, spare parts and the value-added service is the main profit channel. Similarly, upstream downstream integration mode, logistics platform should be the mainstream of their goods or services to make money, not extension of the service is an important way to profit.

3) platform for logistics enterprises should learn 360 model, that is the free mode, the jinshan, rising, kaspersky cheek by jowl, launched 360 free mode, make the whole anti-virus market disruptive change, and the anti-virus software sold today, this kind of subversive thinking, can absorb a large number of users, resulting in another business to upgrade.

this day in 2014, some companies have launched the Internet team, Internet integration of logistics park, the logistics of the Internet trading platform, and the taxi software Uber start application in the field of logistics, all this is the Internet model into the traditional logistics business model, it contains the important commercial potential.

【 summary 】 the Internet is open, no marginal, without time and space constraints, logistics platform must play innovation with an open mind. When the technology cannot upgrade again or not easy to promote logistics industry upgrade innovation, business model is the best chance to change. Penetration logistics using the Internet to the enterprise the management thinking, the commercial value will be here in geometry class fission.

2 fans economy, logistics industry, the logistics industry brings the new value of the

in March this year in chengdu and gain express the depth of the general manager Yang hua communication, we have a resonance, today’s logistics enterprise is holding the iron rice bowl, begging to eat. How to understand? Logistics enterprises as the party b, by providing logistics service meager profit, actually logistics as a business channel, with major in marketing and data value. This is the age of the Internet can only in the face of customer groups, on the premise of guarantee the information security, here is the big big data analysis and the value of precise marketing, logistics industry is the value of the accumulation of fans far beyond ordinary people by surprise.

to express, in 2013 the national express parcel number 9.2 billion, China’s online population of more than 400 million, the 400 million net location, frequency of shopping, shopping preferences can be through the logistics to analysis and mining. Logistics industry fan economic game:

1) the integration of logistics users fans economy, available to customers through WeChat or APP query tracking service, in the end user’s information, precision marketing, this motion and immortal logistics done a good job, and accumulated a lot of use express the user’s fans, to get good experience at the same time, brought together a large number of user groups. Will express C end users (members) and electric business platform integration platform, this is typical of suitable abundant speed luck + motion optimization model.

2) new marketing function, logistics terminal data will hatch out new marketing function, once yellow vests with shaanxi landing with enterprise high-level exchanges, they define the end of the floor with not only completes the logistics, and marketing is also one to work. Ants with chengdu famous logistics enterprises logistics chairman lee wave communication, lee ant gold by moving h&z permeate every neighborhood, every family, through the logistics of marketing channels to successfully promote catalogue, grasp each community crowd of big data, the ants’ profit from a logistics point of view is not good, but through the extension of the whole supply chain logistics, push for trial experience, promote the strategy of business this is the big.

3) ToB fans economy, say more fans economy is a service of toC, ToB fans actually has the potential to economy, if enterprises can integrate requirements of party a (logistics demand) and concerns, and help the family visit to create a high-level service for party a valuable platform, the viscosity will bring a lot of customers. May I mentioned this in training to field logistics group thinking, field top very inspired.

4) one of the biggest fans of logistics platform, wanted to put this link omitted, because make the nation’s largest logistics industry platform for the fans, it is own enterprise’s commercial secrets. All logistics business cooperation is decision by someone, different levels of logistics business demand difference is very big, subdivide the needs of different people, in essence, is a fan of economic service, face 720000 of logistics demand (as of June 1, 2014) has significant commercial value, it don’t have to dwell on here.

【 summary 】 logistics is facing one of the most important aspects of the C end users, to jump out of the traditional logistics of thinking to think fans of economic value, perhaps one day, is the delivery of all free, it will be another revolution to the logistics industry. This you don’t strange, Internet thought important free economy.

3, information flat, and promote the industry supply and demand and operation monitoring platform

the Internet especially the value of the mobile Internet rapid development, is the business communication, transaction is becoming more and more easy, convenient, efficient, safe, e-commerce development to today, everyone can experience personally. When the Internet and mobile Internet into the logistics industry, which will lead to revolution?

1) the shipper and the shipper will more and more flat, cattle leather off information intermediary life, of course, not just for a meeting, because of a new generation of freight yard cattle, they are also on the Internet. Pathway through no matter what information, for the promotion of healthy development of the industry must have good use. In 2014, the first to take a taxi model into the logistics of “road song yard” is an important example of this, he will be a important standard of logistics industry to the Internet in 2014.

2) monitoring management is more and more visual, huitong the world G7 may launch platform, it will be the implementation of the logistics operational data visualization monitoring, make a line of information and background monitoring completely flat.

3) highway port, logistics park platform integration, will also be an important means of promoting the development of information flat.

4) flattening of logistics talent supply and demand, China’s logistics industry the only new media platform of logistics refers to the smell, 5 month launched a free service, is to help enterprise industry recruitment information, to the 720000 people through weibo, micro letter covering the whole industry, adhere to a month down, success to help dozens of talented people to find more than 40 industry enterprises, the thinking of the Internet will be completely supply and demand information flat of logistics industry, this is the first attempt.

【 summary 】 logistics business information flat, it must be for industry industry trends, and at the same time will hurt the interests of the traditional model, the emergence of the so-called new business is the subversion of the old commercial, nothing down, nothing up.

4, the raise pattern, the development of logistics industry to bring new thinking

the raise pattern application in the field of the Internet to the logistics industry, which will have all kinds of imaginary space. Whether all the raise capital or resource of the raise, will bring a lot of imagination.

1) the raising of capital, you can think of the Internet in the field of 3 w model, coffee is a typical all think in the Internet to raise the industry bosses, formed a business platform. Actually logistics platform thinking can reference 3 w coffee mode, all the capital, resources integration of logistics industry brings a lot of imagination. Front desk surface integration is the capital and the background integration of resources, the last is a business integration.


2) capacity, the low point of the game is to belong to express, join the LCL model, integrate new social capacity is the rapid rise this year, because the layman don’t understand the logistics industry rules, and quickly be “off” “express”. Mode there is no wrong, wrong in management thinking and business strategies. Raise the capacity of the integration will bring the current logistics industry has become big business, some waiting, have been trying to, the development of the industry on the new way, and will have a lot of blood and tears.

【 summary 】 the raise pattern in a foreign country is not new, in the domestic market, especially in logistics industry, has a large try space, worth exploring.

5 new marketing, logistics, logistics, new media for a new business opportunity

in May to give me a logistics enterprise executives, said now logistics become more and more bad, customer demand is more and more picky, operation difficulty is more and more big, the inspiration to me. I asked, do you know your customer? You know your customer’s demand and confused? If you direct your customers, whether in your fan base? Whether your fans?

marketing logistics industry will face a new change, based on the thinking of the Internet marketing will change the traditional marketing mode of logistics, Internet marketing guru zi-jian du once said: “content driven products” era has comprehensively, especially the mobile Internet sector, a good editor foot over 100 outstanding sales representative. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull