ARM “made” SoC, urging the Android camp “into” 64 chip

the iPhone 5 s ate nearly a year ago on 64 – bit processors, this let qualcomm mobile chip makers such as shame. As a mobile chip industry upstream of the ARM also seems to be a bit see not bottom go to. Recently, the ARM, launched a “Juno” SoC (Juno), who claimed to be for those reluctant to fight or wait partners, to provide more guidance and more convenient conditions.

it is understood that Juno ARM is adopted the latest ARMv8 instruction set, support big. Little architecture. The SoC internal by the two architecture A57, four Cortex – A53 processor and Mali T – 624 graphics processors. In terms of chip system, selection and Linaro Juno cooperation, based on Linaro Stable Kernel 3.10. In addition, Juno will also support OpenGL ES 3.0, up to 8 gb of RAM, USB 2.0, OpenCL 2.0 and so on.

it is clear that when a platform facing major upgrades, “chicken eggs, eggs, chicken” performance of abnormal outstanding questions. When support 64 chip architecture launched, manufacturers and designers often because the market can not support the hardware, and not willing to renewal. The lack of corresponding hardware and software application developers can’t fit. In the end, the end user can’t experience more quickly advanced technology, high quality experience. In view of this, the ARM hopes to create a landmark product, at the stagnation problem to some extent.

it is important to note that analysts pointed out that from the ARM chip may not be cheap.