As large flat-panel TV, don’t let the children become “beat generation”

the Fuhu Nabi 24 is a Big Tab with a high resolution Android touchscreen devices, the device to used for more than one child. Analysts believe that although the device lack of liquidity, but whether it is priced at $530 tablet carries begins the participation idea or encourage the children the spirit of unity and cooperation, is recommended.

as long as the search on or “tablet” children, you can see many colourful tablets, the tablets with rubber condoms and like Kurio, Orbo, Tabby, Meep such lovely names.

as a parent, I tend to take these products as garbage. This is true, although the manufacturer of the content of the so-called adapted to the child’s age, more and more, to give parents more control and tools used to inspire something related to education, but to have two device and a Kindle Fire HDX (these tablets have enough applications, games and interactive books) family, this is still a difficult investment.

but when the el segundo, California, company Fuhu told me that they are preparing to launch a tablet computer screen diagonal is 2 feet long, it caught my attention. The company prior to selling its bright red Nabi tablet has for several years.

24 inches tablet? It sounds ridiculous, it almost is equivalent to an iMac. In addition to its run Android system, it also has a 1080 p hd touch screen and can also satisfy the 15 fingers touch, and a built-in battery. Although the battery only can continue to supply more than one and a half hours, but it’s enough to make this monster of 13 pounds without restarting can be moved from this room to another room.

surprisingly, Nabi Big 24 costs a mere $550 Tab, only the Air a little bit more than an entry level. (Fuhu also launched a slightly smaller Big Tab, 20 inches, priced at $450.)

so, when I take work home, and my 6 year old daughter and her 3-year-old son to share the Big Tab when?

Big Tab of the large size to allow two children can play a device at the same time. A huge tablets would completely change the definition of play. The children can play games or puzzles very well together, but they never knew that it can be played on a tablet, perhaps only when the movie will have so many people staring at a screen at the same time.

24 inches Big Big Tab allows them to do all sorts of things together. Fuhu let me demonstrate operation of multiplayer games, such as air hockey and fruit ninja, painting studio, puzzles, and even as “Candyland” or “Chutes and Ladders” such family game.

after I opened the package, the children played for 75 minutes. In the meantime, I observed two astonishing phenomenon:

1) they didn’t fight, and all have a smile to each other have said.

2) even though they know devices, but they haven’t seen a movie or TV show.

then I joined them, participated in the longest so far in my life the most cruel flying chess wars. I’m very happy to see my children how to correctly treat winning or losing, they have good sportsmanship. Even have doubt at first wife admitted that she was more willing to with the kids playing games on the Big Tab.

this happy harmonious serenity continue only to the next day. When the children are playing in a called “foul the Island” fire game, they had a dispute for the use of water, the results of my son scratches on the face of my daughter. I was shocked, mainly because they are done playing with each other very well, but why struggle for the same target can cause so much anger?

a non-profit childcare consulting group Common Sense Media, vice President of research and the department of digital content Seeta Pai said: “more cooperation than competition is difficult, especially for young people, because they pay more attention to themselves.” Pai is very understand, because it’s not just her has a doctorate in education at Harvard University, she has a pair of twin daughter 4 years old.

I don’t mind let me hyperactive children moderate use tablet computers. But in the whole process I have set a degree, so I know what they are doing, and know that this is beneficial for their development.

Pai told me: “if you put the device as a forbidden fruit, so your child will not come into contact with these. As long as you reach a balance, know how to treat your children, and to consider the quality of the content, it will play a good role to the development of your child.”

Big Tab of the large size for my children play provides a common platform, for I can see the change of the children. I’m glad to tell you a good news, since they put “foul the Island” of all levels after customs clearance, no more bloodshed.

by Big Tab, Fuhu found a distinction between the device, the Kindle Fires and the samsung Galaxy tablet rule method of the tablet computer industry. But due to the size problem, parents probably won’t choose this, choosing instead to install a TV in the child’s room.

the company is proud of its family of software, but we can’t in the trial production of the equipment to the Nabi interface test. On the contrary, we test the application interface of Fuhu other equipment, such as cooperate and dreamworks animation development of “shrek”, “kung fu panda”, 8 inches DreamTab “Madagascar” theme.

in addition to providing child safety standard image communication applications and cloud storage as well as new business like subsidies income family listing, Fuhu walked in education front. In its Wings plan, there is a quiz game with 50000 questions as the core, divided into from kindergarten to sixth grade level. This autumn, there will be more from Wings release plan of the project, including the workbook and an interactive pen.

Fuhu chief executive Jim Mitchell said the focus on software to help we will colorful apart from the fake goods and leading tablet makers.

he told me: “we are selling tablets in different ways, this will help us fight slowing tablet sales. We are committed to create a new, immersive experience process. Parents do not have to rush to buy tablets. They say they want this tablet, because it has all of the great features and experience.

Mitchell to Electronic Arts (develop the Bradley Hasbro and ParkerBrother digital versions of the game, to create the classic screen Android applications), have Big Tab, means that there will be more “family game night”.

when you see my children how to deal with the Big Tab, I began to search other cooperative games don’t worry. The best game from the LeapFrog company, the company focused on users under the age of 10, with transformers, spongebob and DORA image rights.

my child in the upcoming LeapPad3 tried a multiplayer games on the tablet. The device’s screen is small, so the need for cooperation and competition when the wireless connection.

a game can make children sketch the hippocampus, worms and bus, and then send them to my friends to let them guess what. Have a like Pac Man of digging game game, players need cooperation to collect the food. There’s a lot like “Kart Racing” of the game, players need to match play Numbers.

even if it is also a kind of cooperation, but the children are still in look down their equipment. They would like to use Big Tab, is no longer in direct contact. That’s why I took a LeapTV brief introduction about upcoming this fall. Controlled by the movements of the inserted into the TV game console, can detect a slight movement. The education games for children aged 3 to 8. Due to LeapFrog still find system vulnerabilities, my children can’t try. But through my observation, this may be a good way to let them in front of the big screen movement while communicate with each other. (you only need to bring your.

LeapTV and Big Tab does not conflict with each other. LeapFrog focused on a specific age group, and Mitchell said Fuhu is through the latest products win the favor of the adolescents and their families. But the two devices are overturned on screen time and the concept of electronic games. Indeed, it’s about time!

Source: WSJ