Assessment of the Android Wear: wrist “personal post office”!

no one not boring “inbox”!

of course, annoying “inbox” is not just receive email. Generalized inbox, including those from our cell phones, paragraphs dozens or even hundreds of applications, a day goes, bombarded with push notifications to us. Useful, useless, all sound, over and over again forced us to take out mobile phone, unlock the screen, to look at the big “trash”.

fortunately, Android is Wear will become shorthand for this process, and try to make our “personal post office” to become more intelligent, ordering. Although, it along the way, just getting started.

last week, Google I/O for us fruitful relief brought three carry Android Wear smart watches: Watch, samsung, LG G Gear Live 360, MOTOROLA Moto.

as a smart watches, a function of its essential is to allow users to be able to like the use of traditional watches, fast and intuitive to check the time. And G Watch and Gear Live do well in this respect. “Permanent bright screen” let users can view the time anytime and anywhere, at the same time in the largest extent, reduce the energy consumption of the watch.

although Google does not allow the OEM manufacturers to customize the Android Wear, but it promises partners can for their own Android Wear equipment before the face of background provide more personalized options. At present, there are more than 20 G Watch background different style Watch. Although Gear Live also provides this function, but as always, samsung is always full of fickleness in detail.

in fact, the Android Wear on the essential function, and no farther than previous competitors go too. And Pebble, the launch of the main functions of the Android Wear smart watches, is focused on the rapid and intuitive for the user to provide notice. We can even think so, Android Wear equipment is Android smartphone remote control, it can show the information on the Android, at the same time can also to synchronous processing.

but Google’s Google, even the “repeat” is based on the inheritance of the “innovation” “duplicate”. In addition to the push notification, Android Wear back to Google services this big tree, unequivocally highlights its assistant Google voice life Now, perfect application in the field of wearable devices. Google Now not only can provide necessary information for the smart watch users automatically, also allows the user in the case of not suitable for manual operation, using voice command. From the basic functions, Android Wear didn’t do “innovation”, but Google’s success is that incorporates the advantages of the first, and efforts to improve the existing any inconvenience caused.

Android after two device Wear, give me the biggest feeling is, this is a pursuit of minimalist style system. Simple and thoughtful interaction style, however, seems to be a double-edged sword. If you just put the Android Wear as a “personal post office”, then you will thank the minimalist interaction style: sliding view the whole information, the left to view a single more content, right output information. But when you want matters more, the situation is complicated. All of the “advanced features” is hidden in the “start” and “Settings” under the hierarchy. : perhaps this is Google lantana is the main purpose of the smart watch is to be a “post office”, try to simplify the unnecessary red tape.

however, Android Wear or on the basis of restraint, for the system to add the function of a more diverse choices. When many notice to trouble you, you can choose to use watch close some applications to inform. In addition, the part of the application also can be customized voice commands. For example, when you shout “Okay Google, taking notes,” set a good system will automatically open the company.

although Android Wear to let Google Now sincerely acme, but the process also can’t be perfect. Google Now does not recognize the different voices. This means that no matter who beside me shout out “OK” Google “instruction, will let the” housekeeper “ready to perform a task. Of course, this does not affect the Android Wear is an excellent intelligent watch the final result of the operating system. Because, as we discussed above, the Android Wear has done very well smart watches – one of the most important task at present stage shown visually as quickly as possible, and notify the information management.

to be honest, the Android Wear and can’t be perfect.

when a notification message from the same service more than one, the system will not be able to let the user management operation information on the watch. In addition, Android Wear in did not add a note number display similar to the iOS. This means that once you deleted for a notification on your phone, then all come from the same service notification will be deleted.

another problem, too confident from Google. It automatically provides some notice to users, which it thinks information to meet the needs of users, and even is mandatory, users cannot be set on it. Google wants you to completely trust it algorithms and techniques. But, after all, this is a watch, and even more intelligent, also should put all the handing the user management. It don’t have to, but be forced.

: Google Wear advantages: permanent bright screen, powerful voice control, visually presented notification information .

Google Wear: can’t reorder notification, poor choice of system interface, set work

can be buried too deep.

Android Wear let people like place lies in its focus, focus and create the wrist “personal post office”. It upholds, on the basis of provides the most excellent experience. The Android Wear core competitiveness and is definitely not that. Android Wear is a veritable “Google Now operating system”. Although it remains to be perfect, but in the maximum extent, embodies the wearable device applications interact – simple and machine intelligence.

Source: TheVerge