Associate with video calls or support video V5.1 through the cloud can upload the backup

hunting cloud network on April 29, news

after the alibaba group stake in youku, potatoes, on April 29, ali group’s social platform announced, on the basis of the main social interest, focus on video direction development, to increase the viscosity of the user. in the future or will realize video calls at the same time support video calls. The new version 5.1 or line on May, can upload the cloud backup, permanent free and can be retained.

according to associate director Zou Mengrui, according to the flagship mobile SNS, social interest, is very particular about the user experience and sharing. Is private beta version 5.1 will get through the cloud, user photo albums, etc can be backup to the cloud backup permanent free. After 9 seconds video clips, after 5 minutes video clips also has entered the stage of testing. Currently, increase the development of video technology to expand, in the future or will implement smoothly in the condition of weak network video calls, video calls at the same time, clips, beautification, sharing, etc.; Could also support within 30 minutes of video sharing, be similar products in the longest video sharing application.

in addition, also will open more technically interface, make youku, potatoes, iQIYI such as video can share coming up, a key with high quality video content will also share to more platforms, to associate the user a better video experience. On April 16, and version 5.0 is released, video sharing has new old video upload function, the function can support the 30 minutes video material for online clips into 9 seconds short, users can also use a variety of filters and music rearrangements.

according to China’s IT Research center (CNIT – Research) in the first quarter of 2014 China mobile video industry market monitoring data show that in the first quarter of 2014 mobile phone users in China video degrees 297 million, compared with the fourth quarter of 2013 increased long 50 million, year-on-year growth of 20%. As the 4 g commercial process speed, mobile broadband penetration and will greatly improve network coverage area, in 2014, mobile video to explode scale.

ali group has been in the field of video. On March 20, alibaba brought in U.S. mobile video chat services Tango, a total of 2. $800 million; On April 28, alibaba joint yunfeng capital, for $1.22 billion acquired a 16.5% stake in youku potatoes. Tango high-quality cross-platform video chat application technology is leading, and youku potatoes whether active users from online video sites, mobile APP number of active users , the online video site visit time key data, such as are firmly occupy the position of the video industry leader. And if in the future, the combination of Tango technology , and obtain high-quality user, youku potatoes its prospects in the field of video social will be very broad.