Ati drivers for Linux

Now that I have finished everything and a big summer awaits me, I have decided to format all my computers, although I reinstall the two operating systems, I will now prefer the use of Linux (Ubuntu 7.04) and since in the previous version I had problems with my graphics card and been looking for Ati drivers to avoid them this time.

Looking for information about them I have been able to find this:

These are the drivers that you will need to run on your computer if your graphics card is from the ATI Radeon family. They are the official controllers, and provide support for TV out on the ATI cards with TV Out.

In addition, they offer several display modes, including laptop mode, clone, screen mode through two monitors or Dual Head.

Although I am a bit of a geek with the issue of computers I have not yet reached the end of mounting two screens on my computer, but everything will be …

We can download the drivers from this page.

If some of you have more problems, you can see different ways of solving the problem.

Problems with the graphics card

If someone has problems when logging in due to the graphics card, you must enter text mode (recovery mode) once you have logged in.

sudo apt-cache search linux-restricted-modules

We will see several options, choose the one that corresponds with our kernel and then type:

sudo apt-get install fglrx-driver

echo fglrx | sudo tee -a / etc / modules

We already have the drivers installed in our system, now we must configure the xorg.conf file, obviously if it has given us problems the graphic aspect we will not be able to modify it with any graphic text editor, so we will have to do it with the vi:

sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf

We have to find where it says Device and check that it puts the model of the graphic card that we have and under driver “ati”.

Just that line is what we have to change. Where it puts driver: “ati” we have to modify it by driver: “fglrx” which are the drivers that we have downloaded before. I delete it and press the a key, with this we activate the insert option to write. Once modified, we give ESC to disable the insert option. We place ourselves at the end of the file and type ZZ, with this we save and exit.

If you have problems to change the resolution in graphic mode, you can do it with the command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Make the most of your graphics card

If you want to give a touch of class to your computer and want to do the wonders that you see in the following video follow the steps indicated in this page and you will not have any problem, nothing to do with Windows Aero.

From which they have been freed

Yesterday I commented that I ended up installing linux for the first time and without any windows partition on my computer, a packard bell.

Well, today when I started it for the first time since last night I turned it off, it turns out that it was standing on the first screen that appears just turn it on and did not move from there, impossible to load anything, not even the BIOS, obviously scared me because nothing it had to do with Linux because if it had been that way, it could have accessed the BIOS without any problem and the failure would come when trying to load the OS from the hard drive.

Scared I went with the laptop to search the network for an explanation because if not, I saw myself buying another motherboard xD and the fact is that I found out something quite curious, and that Packard Bell (in some models) does not allow that other OSs are installed apart from their predefined Windows.

Until now, even if I had installed Linux, I still had the original Windows partitions, but yesterday I deleted everything and its configurations were lost, which caused me to leave the computer lying down today.

But what attitude is this? Besides forcing me to buy Windows, do they force me to keep it? And what I was missing, I was going to pick up the phone to put them in stock when I read through a forum that someone who had the same thing sent him a € 60 DVD to restart the PC and leave it as it was (not what I understand why it has not let me start any Live) but good seeing where the shots went .. I remembered that I had a recovery DVD (Because Super Packard Bell no longer includes Windows installation CD but you have to do them ) but before using it I have dedicated myself to open the PC and disconnect-connect all the cables.

I do not know why it will be but I have managed to start it, now, the next step will be to restart and restart it, otherwise I will be able to continue with my new life if I just throw the p **** Packard Bell out the window.

Now of course I do not recommend computers that commit such outrage, if I get to know it before … later I bought a brand that “cares so much for me”.

PS: It seems that everything works correctly, I can continue working normally.