Audio Xappmedia raised $3 million for interactive advertising

Xappmedia company announced it had raised $3 million in funds for starting the recent launch of the audio advertising platform

the first part of the main sound Xappmedia with conventional advertising is no different, but then they put in a call to action. For example, a flower company advertising can begin with full of fancy about sales promotion, but later they will ask whether the customer need to know more information, buy flowers, or any other requirements, through a special way of communication, not only by propaganda.

you can listen to the sample. (if you want to point out the difference, that is, these ads reminds me of when you call our customer service hotline telephone audio those provided by the command menu, for example, if you want to query account balance, just on the phone said “balance” can query results.)

the co-founder and chief executive officer pat higgs said, Xappmedia is creating “ultra-portable” for the target audience. In other words, people do not need to actually touch screen can only by phone or any other type of mobile advertising accept processing equipment at any place. This way is very convenient for advertisers and publishers, because they even in the absence of advertising banner ads, still can run through interactive advertising to clear the user needs to participate in the project measures. And this kind of advertising can be used by click on the interface is simple and convenient to create.

higgs, this way is beneficial to the audience the meaning of customer is also very important, because of the interactive advertising audio “choice and convenience for the people so that the overall AD time has been greatly reduced.

when Xappmedia launched in March, its first partner NPR says, will with CPM fee of us $20 one thousand (costs) to collect.

these funds shall be provided by the co-founder and executive chairman frank raines and participate in the investment project of angel investors are not public raise together.