Auditions mobile, package $17

the domestic mobile phone comprehensive service provider auditions communication today released its operating virtual operating brand “auditions mobile”, at the same time 170 to launch products “” combo and 170. com business services website.

auditions with main products named out of mobile package, package name take 170, altogether has 5, 17,70,170,270,370 yuan meal, respectively, corresponding to up to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 individual voice, flow together to share. So voice, flow resources in the package can be according to certain proportion transformation is used, each other can be adjusted personalized package within the number of voice, flow, until the rhythm of the adjustment to the most appropriate oneself.

the package flow within two years do not reset, user not used up during the month of voice, traffic resources can be postponed to next month continue to use, don’t worry be reset immediately.

170 office business, choose 170 packages, on 170. com website. 170 website for auditions mobile personal users and partners to provide one-stop service based on Internet, individual users, partners are available through the site consulting, access, query, fee, such as full-service.

meanwhile, auditions mobile number of the same name with resale enterprise site 170. Com is launched. The company will be around 170. com gradually establish a hand-held business hall, micro letter business hall, SMS service system business hall, etc. The whole process of electronic channels.

auditions move on May 28, first try to take internal user friendly business shipments number allocation, internal number allocation of IT systems, customer service, business process and so on carries on the system test, perfect; Formally opened to the commercial plan in mid-june auditions mobile number allocation; June open city covers Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen four cities; In July after gradually open other more than 30 cities in China.

from now on, the user can log on 170. com web site for more than 30 cities in China 170 number booking pick registration;