Autobutler, allows you to select auto XiuLiShang like shopping taobao shopping

with the development of science and technology, the Internet to the traditional industry is also increasingly infiltration, infiltration of now is a traditional market and technology on the Internet. The new market is the vehicle maintenance and repair.

the start-up is the remarkable skill: founded in 2007, RepairPal has raised $21.3 million so far; OpenBay last year launched self-help service platform, to provide owners with local maintenance technicians and docking services; YourMechanic Uber is referenced by a taxi software work mode, owners need only a phone call, YourMechanic would send to maintenance staff; Plus BodyShopBids provides website platform, allows users to customize the self-help service, and to estimate by uploading photos.

however, with the Internet technology to do car maintenance need to challenge, maintenance service continuity, the degree of transparency, repair shop technical ability and customer service, and so on are all need to make sure that, otherwise, how can the customer will trust car delivery service?

today to introduce Autobutler, building is to provide the vehicle maintenance services online platform. According to the news on the website, a total of 140000 users through the platform to search Autobutler, chain in 3300 between the garage and work independently choose the suitable for vehicle maintenance services. The user needs to submit vehicle design information, need to repair/maintenance service, location, within 24 hours will receive 3 match information maintenance garage. The garage are Autobutler local authorized repair garage, users can read also have comments to make choices.

the garage for repair, for makers of Autobutler provides a very good customer management platform. Especially for individual companies and large chain, Autobutler will help them to receive clients, and further optimize the service.

Autobutler this round of funding of 5.8 million euros, the Index Ventures led, Dawn Capital, Creandum original investors chasing. Autobutler is expected to use the current financing from Britain, Germany, the two countries for the expansion of the European market.