Avoid hard touch and Android, Microsoft take refuge in qualcomm’s leading iot alliance

AllSeen iot Alliance Alliance, the framework for networking equipment promotion AllJoyn technology open standards organizations, one has to Microsoft for general. Like Sears, LG, haier, panasonic, qualcomm and other groups, the addition of Microsoft is also in order to support the help equipment to realize interoperation protocol. Agreement that should not have proprietary code between each networking equipment. On the contrary, if all ready support AllJoyn technology, so as long as any equipment request, they will be able to achieve adaptation and share a series of functions under the unified standard.

the final purpose is to reduce the communication and collaboration between the various networking equipment. We are looking forward to this agreement can be a great success, because we want to truly achieve unicom between family, cars, and city, then have a unified standard to identify any equipment can do and how it works, it will expand the scale of the network system for us to dozens or even hundreds of equipment have a major role.

as for Microsoft to join, can be said to be big, just a networking family temporarily haven’t been able to share. Now, we are more eager to know is, in addition to cloud services and through Azure cloud platform for data analysis, the addition of Microsoft also can bring us what. At present, some Windows 8 equipment has been able to support platform for intelligent household Staples Connet, and Microsoft are within their own shops selling Insteon smart home automation suite. And intuition tells us that Microsoft has realized to the Windows system into use in the more equipment, it can not only provide manufacturers blindly Intel Galileo, but to add some more popular and open source. As to how Microsoft’s profit, we are still unknown.

finally have to say, Microsoft to join AllSeen Alliance is very wise. Want to stand on its own standards and apple, Google, after all, head is not too expensive!