Baidu guard video acceleration “borrow chickens lay eggs,” li with telecom “empty set of white Wolf”

the arrival of the World Cup, for making video website again into the “heart”. Everyone not miss this good opportunity: prices for rights, and all cost resources to build a World Cup homemade program… When so many video sites have become a headless flies, li chose the “low-input high-yield” shortcuts.

of course, baidu can not “immune”, for content is required. “Technology” of socialism, however, Mr. Li has a bigger ambitions: put all the video websites as baidu service carrier, make others users indirectly own user.

what service? A few days ago, baidu union telecommunications, free service for users with broadband speed (physical).

what features? Baidu said, will let Beijing, fujian, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui, hunan, hubei, jiangxi, chongqing, sichuan and other 13 provinces, 20 million telecommunications users to watch video physical speeds up to 10 times.

what means? Premise condition is that the user must guard video download baidu accelerate version. Guard: video speed “bundling” baidu “tease” video web site, “liao SAO” similar safeguard products.

what effect? Li “borrow chickens lay eggs”, just need to satisfy the speed of this as the foundation, indirect all video web site users.



baidu guard video to accelerate the development team (part)

if you still feel a little make a mountain out of a molehill, well, see cloud network editor you hunting for baidu official (baidu market security communication manager YanPengFei) interview:

10 times for users to improve video bandwidth, how this thing? Refused to answer on the tall!

for example, telecom operators network resources is compared to a large pool of water. This large pool there are many “feed” the small pond. These small pond have greatly small, under different scenarios and different time needed for injection water is different. Baidu guard video acceleration, is according to the specific situation, intelligently allocate large pool of water, reasonably assign it to every small pool. And carriers, intelligent distribution network resources, is the first domestic Internet enterprises.

redistribution? My broadband is 4 m, can not spend a penny can enjoy the video to watch speed of 8 m?

that’s the theory. Redistribution is all the water in the pool, rather than a specific small pool of water. In different situations, who needs more, give you some more resources. Such as zhang SAN for high-definition video, even if he pay is 4 m broadband, so will also enjoy a certain degree of speeds up. The whole process is fair, avoid free network resources waste. Note that in theory can be 10 times the bandwidth of the user supreme ascension, particular case is particular analysis.

and telecommunications cooperation, baidu as what role?

in simple terms, the telecommunications act as the “cloud”, “pipe”, baidu has provided the technology be born “end”. Operators do not want to be “pipelining”, so they are willing to use the existing technology and resources to launch all kinds of intelligent service. But they lack the most close to “port” with the user. Telecommunications and baidu cooperation, it is eyeing the baidu huge client resources.

what is the specific forms of cooperation, I mean, do you have any capital level of cooperation?

video acceleration is only the first step, the future baidu will also and telecom cooperate in many aspects, in order to provide users with the best quality experience. Capital cooperation as to what you say, there must be a, resource replacement as well. But we don’t share it. Not only that, after baidu also and China unicom, and even virtual operators to cooperate.

sohu video client introduced a free flow of watching the World Cup campaign, it is killed to you?

no. To watch the World Cup or resources to PPS and iQIYI, etc. Sohu video more stay in spectator sports video highlights and homemade coverage. (however, hunting cloud network editor jun found in data access, sohu has also made broadcasts of World Cup qualification.) In addition, baidu video acceleration is a coverage is wider, long continuous service, not rob users means at the moment.

why is tied and baidu guards? Will there be hit similar safeguard products purpose?

from itself, we add the feature to baidu guards didn’t bound to the user. Baidu guard team developer based on the requirement of ordinary users, developed the application, and made a cooperation with telecom. We don’t want to fight. Outside reading, of course, we can’t control.