Baidu into Brazil, xi jinping, testimony, chairman of the Portuguese version of the search engine online

Brazil local time on July 17, Chinese President xi jinping and Brazilian President dilma rousseff witness signed Brazilian Portuguese version announced that baidu search engine is launched.

in the baidu and Brazil and innovation of science and technology department of the signing ceremony, President xi jinping and Brazilian President dilma rousseff jointly launched Portuguese version of the search engine baidu ().

it is understood that the release of portuguese-speaking search engine baidu, integrates the baidu Hao123 affiliated, Spark browser, such as baidu antivirus product line. Statistics show that in Brazil, baidu’s products and services have a number of users are: Hao123 desktop end users exceed 30 million, baidu guards also more than thousands; Baidu browser and mobile products already has millions of users.

after baidu released Thai search for Thailand market and Arabic search for Egypt market.

with a population of two hundred million, Brazil is also the world’s fifth largest Internet market, the baidu search to enter Brazil market success, its internationalization is an important step in the strategic layout.

li xi chairman visit to Brazil, with Brazil’s minister of science and technology and innovation Clelio Campolina Diniz signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

according to the agreement, baidu not only through the technology and products for Brazil to provide quality Internet services, but also stand in the height of the “technological innovation”, and the government’s national major projects docking, push the Brazilian Internet science and technology innovation. Baidu will also establish worldwide technology research and development center in Brazil, is committed to the training of specialists in the field of the Internet technology, provide support to cultivate pioneering company in Brazil.