Banks leave IBM will die? ! Unable to flange air the next 10 years

note: for in the near future to pay attention to network security, abandoned calls for such as IBM. Rationally, domestic Banks of IOE products rely on has reached a very serious degree. If you really want to change, air power and how? Whether it can meet the requirements? The following is the analysis of the industry veteran, is for reference only.

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author: zhihu user Malaysia mann’s overlapping palace crack head larva

rumors by IBM high-end servers, the Chinese government to promote bank behind what reason be?

to see a lot of media coverage and zhihu answer far-fetched, wrath, no, a new answer a:

stakeholders: worked in IOE, years on behalf of the IOE one (different years represent different IOE), and two other IOE sexual immorality and confrontation. Although three surname slaves, but fighting… In addition, there are a primary school classmate relatives working in huawei.

problem a: to get the cause of the IBM

1. Recently, China and Russia do britney in each other, see the United States, of course, is called the madam of the cow.

2. The central national security council, has just set up.

a string of recent above tips: Windows 8 + ban ban U.S. consulting + deprecated IBM servers are the two points of combining site.

question 2: why is IBM?

1. The snake, famous, IBM is one of the leading American companies in China, and the leading related to security. Can’t say other large American companies, like McDonald’s can affect national security, must with the sha county snack and lanzhou ramen comprehensive replace?

2. IBM’s current boss Edward I.. London and government relations, and its team than his predecessor, Henry chow, hug this evil fire.

question 3: what call to the IOE?

this is the name of the three giant IT, IBM, I=O=Oracle, E=EMC. They all have a relatively good Chinese name, called: 18 touch, oracle, demon city. The effect of their products, we can see the following form:

traditional IOE architecture (generally used in a variety of traditional company, bank of telecom small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) : the centralized architecture + closed source commercial systems. This means that the program is running 99% in 1-2 servers (second server for when the first hang up to the top). And the IOE offers application outside of all the “software”, including the operating system, middleware, database, etc. These “foundation” software source code is generally unknown to the public. Of course, the application or want to develop the Banks themselves, give the most magnificent icbc, thousands of people have teams.

to IOE architecture (commonly used in all kinds of Internet companies) : distributed architecture + open source system. This means that the program can be run at the same time in dozens of hundreds of thousands of servers, and these “based software” is done with open source software to modify.

what Banks using IBM system? With how deep?

to three layers to answer this question, in what what bank system in what IBM

1. Different Banks

the workers and peasants, the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the five line of action travel citic pudong development and people’s livelihood societe generale everbright, etc., this is known to all, not in detail.

2. Different business system

every bank has a lot of inside system (the number of levels in more than one hundred of the headquarters to big hundreds). The core part of the general called corebanking system, record at the core of account information. And processing a variety of banking system and credit system, for example, online banking, ATM system, intermediary business system, the anti-money laundering system, test key machine management system, ODS, the party branch activities accounts statistics system, etc.

3. Different IBM product

hardware: IBM products are widely used in the bank: z series (mainframe), I series (small), p series (small), x series (x86PC server, lenovo’s acquisition had been made, and later many places with x series to refer to the x86 server)

software: DB2 database/Informix/VSAM, CICS, middleware MQ, the WAS, etc., the AIX operating system/OS400/VSE/OS390, (what Tivoli, Lotus is not the key to product I will not list)

post a few pictures:

the appearance of the AIX operating system, even running on Oracle:

OS400 operating system:

OS390 operating system:

a than a nausea, but lovely.

in response to a bank can you don’t have this problem, IBM should permutation and combination of the three layers of the actual situation is, most of the online analysis did not mention these points above, also can see that the basic didn’t understand, so is the general impressionist beating their gums. For example, take a look at this problem: China banking high-end servers, wave can replace IBM become major suppliers?

have you noticed that the wave of “IBMtoInspur”, oneself also said the takeover is the IBM x series of operations, but the x series of profit is relatively low, and have been sold to lenovo, the wave is going to lenovo. Although p series of market share is being x series was badly eroded, but the bank core with all I series and z series, this part cannot be replaced at 10 years. Media campaign of “IBM” comprehensive flange, is nonsense. Of course, does anyone really through capital market wave share prices make a fortune?

with a used car to explain the IBM server status table roughly:

question 4: how much Banks with IBM use?

you asked me how much I you, I love you for a few centimeters? Answer: deep – 125 px!

look at the list below (with impression, there may be some outdated, but should be deviation is not too big)

the workers and peasants in the establishment of diplomatic ties, corebanking system using z series, CMB credit card use is z series.

China citic: corebanking system with I series.

the people’s livelihood societe generale: corebanking system with p series.

pudong everbright: corebanking system using HP HP servers (has nothing to do with IBM)

in order to avoid the spread of the problem, this article only discuss the corebanking bank system. In addition hundreds of business systems are used on a different server, the p series of more than 70% are IBM, x series, blades, etc. The rest are mostly is all sorts of American, HP, DELL, etc. Domestic server rarely, at this moment, to all in China, states will not state, needless.

problem five: Internet companies can go to the IOE, can go to the IOE banking?

the way, first to the IOE and the Chinese government had nothing to do, this is ali, a lot of media coverage to make wrong into “the Chinese government proposed to IOE”, the error the scold, as to why ali to IOE, there are technical story there is also a political story, later free again gossip, let’s come back eighteen touch.

give answer:

1.) if the now open a new bank, BAT expert to get, can go to the IOE, but requires a huge amount of resources, cost is not smaller than with the IOE.

2.) the bank is in grope for how to go to the IOE, but not very pressing needs, just as a new technology to reduce cost and to explore. And technically, core system can’t completely within the next 10 years to the IOE.

and Internet banking on the construction of IT is the biggest difference between: is not a technical ability, quality and quantity is not a talent, but the start of construction of time point and different needs.

when the Banks to start building IT on: rich, have accurate business requirements, and business change is slow, the risk is low, the industry didn’t open source products (when there is no Google, Hadoop, even no IBM’s own Unix server p series) (later). There is only one choice, bank mainframe, and when the Fujitsu/smoke, and so on are not as good as IBM Hitachi/day, which is why the five lines are IBM mainframe for the head office.

this century Internet companies to start building IT, times have changed, the demand is in turn: no money, no accurate business demand, super fast business change, doesn’t matter (relatively) risk. IBM and all kinds of products, all kinds of traditional IT elephant die is expensive, slow development process (done knew COBOL or RPG language development). Have the question to find the IBM lab, communication special trouble and low efficiency, can’t adapt to this need, a brief nod (suning online point). So were being forced to other Internet companies, has set up a set of distributed IT architecture.

when Banks after thirty years with the IOE system, going to the IOE is facing the following problems:

1. The banking sector is the most critical stability and avoid risk, to such a big adjustment, will be a problem, a big problem who is willing to back the responsibility? Most of the time to buy the best products of one of the important role is to evade responsibility, use the best products widely used has a problem, that do not have what to say. If want to open a first to use something new out of the question, each fairy XiaBanZi of opportunity, but big trouble?

2. The hardware and software procurement behind all kinds of interest relations, this is a plate of every year tens of billions of RMB business, who is willing to surrender?

3. Talent is not strong, not a decade eight years in the bank, the bank’s business may not have a deep enough understanding. Made for eight years, ten years in the bank for the IOE technical knowledge is not deep enough. Even if there is such combined talents, salary must have at least 2 million, otherwise why go to the bank, don’t go directly to BAT better? But the bank inside to technical personnel offered compensation 2 million, which have? And it will not ten to eight, is a pile of (unconfirmed data is: ali to IOE human consumption is: 17000 people in the three years). And the existing technical personnel’s technology is based on traditional architecture, if recruit a large number of new, this batch of old?

4. If you don’t get into the distributed architecture of the Internet, are with the Chinese continue to continue to use the centralized architecture line not? I’m sorry, goods is not strong enough now, temporarily doesn’t go to the IOE.

national security is surely important, but it was empty. Really go to the IOE, face the problem is real. We change position thinking, you is head of the bank, you dare to dare not to push to the IOE? Rene liu song has given the answer: want to ask you dare to dare not, for I like me crazy, want to ask you dare, like you said you love me, like me, for I crazy, what would you want to.

question 6: what IOE the three, which is the most easy to be replaced?

at the top the first form of IOE entrenched position knew, EMC is the most easy to replace. What do you to change the mobile hard disk, or the computer or reshipment system easily? EMC storage, of course, there are a lot of function is not others, but the function of the ordinary to switch to the Chinese, have a chance, of course, the most easy is not equal to true, it is bone.

a is not very tight example: if a bank is a seafood restaurant, replace the IBM is equivalent to a new decoration, replace Oracle equivalent to change all the cook and the menu, put the EMC and change is equivalent to the ingredient tool store between content elsewhere. The difficulty is that the seafood restaurant will open all day and all night.

question 7: went to the IOE, which on the top of the air can have?

all can generally said the top is play rascal, I said is one passion:

IBM mainframe series (z) : now, also can’t be on the top of the later.

IBM minicomputer series (I/p) : now, also can’t be on the top of the later.

IBMPC server (x series) : to the top.

EMC/IBM storage: general purpose to the top.

Oracle/IBM middleware database: on the top is not (including GBase of dream KingbaseES orientalist, etc., didn’t touch the door), later to say.

a lot of people claim the Chinese good smart, why americans can figure out what we can’t figure it out. Gene technology, whatever comments mentioned system is not the most critical problem. The most critical or mentioned: age different, is not the same as the starting point.

the mainframe is IBM spent billions of dollars in the ’60 s (note was billions) bet on a research and development of product, the customer demand is also simple. IBM used so many years sales profits of mainframe, the only golden set-up is bred slowly, at the same time also delaynomore, according to the customer’s business needs to promote technology to a higher standard. If now want to develop meet the business needs of the mainframe, now even the stronghold, and probably at least throw billions yuan, barely able to do it, but before success, basically is no profit. Which companies can have this ability to bet on this one? Government and various research institute in the research and development of commercial products are lower than those of the enterprise efficiency, more difficult to success.