Beats a cow! Sue Chinese fake headphones sellers, claim billions of dollars

earlier this year, apple announced a $3 billion takeover of Beats headphones and Beats Music Music on demand service. The deal will be completed later this year.

now to many Chinese fake Beats headphones headset products launched a lawsuit, said many Chinese fake headset violated the Beats logo, and claim billions of dollars.

in prosecuting files, Beat that many online shops selling without authorization or fake Beats products, these products use the Beats logo. Fake Beats headphones price is very low, usually sold to consumers do not understand, have a negative impact on brand image.

Beats lawyer pointed out that the fake Beats headphones is a very complicated closed loop business model, to maximize profits and can avoid discovered by law enforcement.

these fake Beats headphones through international mail to avoid review of U.S. customs and border protection. Data show that fake Beats headphones can reach $135 billion in annual sales.

at the same time, Beats also want domain registrar confiscation of infringing the copycat Beats all domain names, and hand it to the processing of the real Beats.

it is not know what Beats hope from lawsuits, believe that the Chinese fake Beats headphones will not compensate for the billions of dollars. Beats bring similar charges in 2013, won the 1472 names, 50 PayPal accounts and 14 online trading account.

source: phoenix technology