Beats headphones built: musicians of the mind and the mistake

when heard rumours that apple will be $3.2 billion deal to buy the headset manufacturers Beats, ordinary people are most likely to associate, may be the headphones on the bright red Logo “b” word.

for the history of the prosperity of the company, and between it and the sound (Monster) company cut hard also disorderly feud relationship, might not be familiar.

Beats the company was founded in 2008, the founder is not behind the electronics industry entrepreneurs, but two tycoon: in the field of popular music is a universal music’s Interscope records of the company’s boss Owen (Jimmy Iovine), Jimmy had planned to launch Bruce Springsteen, 50 Cent, U2, and many other well-known artists; Another is a rapper, Dr. Dre, have cultivated a rap singer Amy (Eminem).

how two musicians can think and create a headset company? The thrust is behind the magic sound, a sound was founded in 1979 wire manufacturing company. But at the time the magic sound products both in wire, surge protector and detergent to service professional market segment, if you want to expand the market space, must move into the public products. Company founder Noel Lee (Noel Lee) decided to manufacture earphone.

when looking for a partner, Noel lee first thought is to convince the studio of artists. Then, the magic sound and record producer established contact Mr. Owen. Negotiations for the first time due to financial disagreement is not settled, but the magic sound to the record company shows the vast market prospects in headphones.

Mr Owen and Dr. Dre is realized, the headphones available in the market, though of good quality, but the design is too old. Under Mr Owen argues that the headphones do like medical auscultation equipment. In the sound and the negotiations failed, two musicians, decide what to do with SLS prototype Audio company launched a headset, but also laid the foundation Beats headphones appearance: big ear cap, thick line type of tire, cool appearance similar to formula one racing.

Beats headphones built: musicians sound mind and the error

Beats the founders Dr. Dre (left) and Jimmy ai Owen (Jimmy Iovine)

but Beats and SLS production headphones also exist various omissions, so the two musicians to rediscover the magic sound companies, and in 2008 announced the formal cooperation: during the period of 2009 to 2012, Beats headphones will be used by the magic of exclusive manufacturing company.

this headset market newcomers, want to make the public aware of Beats brand, must have a strong marketing course. At this time, making full use of the resources and the ability to start the two musicians: it Beats in many of the songs in music videos. Science and technology news site Gizmodo, described Mr Owen will Beats the brand permeated almost every watch music video of the American people.

this strategy worked. “There is even a child went to best buy to buy Beats headphones, not because it sounds cool, but the Beats headphones to make them look cool.” Gizmodo wrote.

headphones soon won the market full of fashionable feeling. By the end of 2012, won the “high-end” Beats headphones (us $100 and a higher price) 64% of the market share.

but in that year, Beats abandoned magic sound, choose to manufacture earphone. Beats deny the magic sound on headphones industrial or any audio design, but the speech is obviously not true. Can the public do not care about these. They care about is that Beats headphones can for his own image add cent.

after the contracts, controlled the headphones Beats all audio technology standards, patents, registered trademark design, as well as the most important brand of Beats.

to sound Beats out the magic behind the money to help the company actually is the HTC. In August 2011, HTC won the Beats company 50.1% stake for $309 million. Later as HTC faces capital demand, Beats to repurchase the HTC shares. But HTC cooperation between Beats and maintained, including mobile phone built-in Beats audio and bonus Beats headphones, etc.

the magic sound since the end of 2012 had to develop its own brand of headphones, also introduced a Diamond Tears models series, Inspiration, etc. Of course, these cannot recapture Beats status.

back to the production of headphones Beats itself, it really worth $300 price? American consumers report for reference review, “if you don’t care at all the appearance of headphones, we suggest you consider other brand, because the same quality of the headset, much cheaper than Beats.” But the reality is that, by many pop singers and sports stars endorsement of Beats gives the brand more premium. With Beats headphones user may not be the sound quality is very strict, but they must be valued for their own image.

in the face of digital music and wave of streaming music Beats in the footsteps of also is not confined to the headphone market, in 2012 it bought online music product service. And in January 2014, officially launched the online music subscription service with Beats brand: referring users to music based on the algorithm, the monthly fee of $9.99.

now, news Beats will be apple’s acquisition, for those who take the iPhone and wore a Beats headphone fashion of people, they should think it also seems to be logical.

source: tencent technology nature conservancy council