Beats in trouble! By Bose patent infringement lawsuit

high-end sound system and headset manufacturers Bose has to be acquired by apple Beats a lawsuit, said Beats the company violated several patents related to the noise cancellation technology.

Bose lawsuit against Beats the federal court in Delaware, on Friday said Beats deliberate violation of the company’s five patents, the patent application in the Studio and Studio in the Wireless headset series. Bose said such infringement caused the company revenue and profit loss.

Bose for unknown amount of compensation. Apple announced earlier this year to $3 billion to buy Beats.

Bose is currently a private company. The company has to make a complaint to the United States international trade commission (ITC), called for a ban on the Beats noise cancellation headphones imported from China to the United States.

Bose, a spokesman said: “we are committed to protect our investment, our customers, and we hold a patent.” Beats declined to comment on the news.

Beats by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Mr. Owen (Jimmy Iovine) was founded in 2006, the headset is popular with music lovers.

apple bought Beats the deal is still subject to regulatory approval. If the deal is completed, Bose prosecution goal will become the apple. Apple is now the patent infringement dispute with companies such as samsung.

Bose said in the complaint that the patents related to the company’s “active noise reduction technology. This technology was first used in the 80 s when the Bose to provide the military products, and in 2000 achieved a civilian.

earlier this month, Beats in Illinois for individuals and companies from China, named filed a lawsuit, said it was selling fake Beats products via the Internet. Beats said, has launched a worldwide to crack down on fake and inferior products. (sina science and technology: d gold)