Beautiful MIUI 6 integration more content services, developers worth happy?

in the fourth anniversary of the start of the beautiful MIUI release this time node, millet today beautiful MIUI release 6, this is a rare company since the establishment of the single conference for beautiful MIUI held. Only do so, one is the anniversary, more important is the latest version of millet loaded by the key task of ecological layout.

as early as the beginning of establishment of millet, beautiful MIUI, hardware, and m chat then called the millet, triathlon, and beautiful MIUI system is prior to hardware launch and win public praise. But in actual situation, given by millet mobile phone hardware products such as brand premium capacity is larger and beautiful MIUI system compared to other competitors are just a little bit, bring value is far from the release of millet. In nowadays, millet mobile phone periodic reputation and market share have been well done, expectations of beautiful MIUI is becoming more and more urgent.

at the conference, beautiful MIUI fung hung, director of high-profile announced “content is the essence of” as the design principles, impurities removing redundant adornment element and interface, beautiful MIUI 6 user attention was focused on the content itself, rather than the process of access to content.

if two years ago the beautiful MIUI gather content is to provide added value for millet mobile phone and had to move, so after two years after the mature, grow (users exceed 70 million), beautiful MIUI again today content focus is the opposite of millet posturing and ambitions, has advantage in mobile hardware and OS system under the condition of big innovation promoted the space is not large, began to overweight “content” to integrate more services, and this strategy can be carried for a long time.

the most obvious is that yellow pages such as millet, millet, the life of these services, although in some time ago beautiful MIUI V5 has been launched, but in today’s strategy of “content” cases, it becomes very important and special meaning. In addition, the latest version of millet calendar already can provide information about the game, for music lovers to provide concert scheduling table, provide restrictions for motorists to remind and so on, the objective is more life in integrated service.

the self-built or cooperate with third-party tools, millet are in some degree of objective to shunt part service, even the direct competition.

is more terrible, is currently only millet in the content service on the first step, the next strategy is bound to more and more hardware terminal via the cloud services to expand. For some developers, traffic in cooperation with millet value at the same time, also want to consider another problem, how to avoid being millet take out?