Behind the nvidia made tablet, is to build its own “Xbox”?

the Nvidia’s Nvidia shields is to let the building chips based companies reap the benefits of the Tablet business, now, Nvidia is again “upgrade” Tablet shields Tablet, is expected to end in North America.

shields Tablet configured with the same prototypes K1 processors, in addition with Kepler graphics architecture, such as effect is comparable to the PC on the GeForce Titan graphics. Nvidia also form a complete set to launch the game handle shields Controller, designed to provide users with the perfect game experience.

new shields of the specifications of the Tablet is 8 inches LCD screen, can achieve 1920 x native hd resolution, two front speakers, cases, providing convenient flat stent is made in the game scenario. At the same time, in view of the shields Controller, nvidia did not choose the bluetooth technology widely used, but chose to delay rate lower wi-fi connection technology, the delay is reduced to the Xbox 360 and ensure that the use of wireless Controller experience.

it is understood that the wi-fi version will be available on July 29, 16 g specification tablet is priced at $299, is expected to cost about $399, the 32 gb specifications both devices support MicroSD card expanded memory to a maximum of 128 g, LTE version will follow later.

you can see, so the combination of the configuration and price that shields the Tablet is in the Tablet market is very competitive. Nvidia even pronounced shields Tablet product experience is comparable to the running simulation actual combat game performance is outstanding.