Believing product selling new creative power They didn’t choose a leg to walk

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if only discuss today selling life feelings of the kind of e-commerce sites, no value to write this article .

enough independent B2C website, make design CARDS, card playing style, creative brand. No matter what playing CARDS didn’t fire up. flow dividends over and consumers have not fool. Viscous plus brand identification have no impression on the user’s mind, is so slow to users go to praise a, finally click buy or have been touched.

product sell feelings, whatever they may be actually selling life emotional appeal, finally are around to business links. So the user’s click buy is real B2C . Believing the nets, want to write them, because in their understanding of the category, B2C is not only selling products of this kind of means to make money.

believing network initial positioning is to share the creative information platform, the exploration for a long time, found that find good product is not the goal, find the right to buy a closed-loop . Name changed to believing so new believing the Internet line, new product, make innovation products sale.

the CEO Guo Yu, baidu’s chief designer and the user experience department director, is responsible for the original baidu space, the opening of the blog in “crazy design” has been one hundred million clicks.

believing product, press Guo Yu’s point of view, the product will sell tail goods, believing in selling new products. Remove the positioning is different, the same concept actually . This is what makes the title said, believing product didn’t choose a legs.

at present, believing in innovative products that sell, are proprietary team to do the checks, and designers, innovative design team. The really interesting and practical innovations in believing new product sales, there are three cooperation ways, exclusive agency, signed sales and purchasing. Exclusive is the team cooperation and innovation of products, product believing the new start, and late will help product design, marketing, packaging, channels such as additional marketing costs. finally to achieve the effect of is that the team only need to do innovative products, marketing, channel, packaging and other subsequent things to believing new to do. Viscous effect is good, this cooperation will be more strong .

signed sales, product is not exclusive starting, but can also be good in believing platform to sell. Adopt the sales mode. Purchasing is to evaluate a better product, purchasing back to do sales. Focus is on the first exclusive agent, for believing, this part of the proxy mode can go and enterprise to do, such as the sole agent for a big company innovation product sales, to help them to do is not just believing exclusive sales but entire network sales model. make enterprise marketing service charge. 2 b section in this do promotion for the enterprise, can lead to a stable cash flow .

entire network marketing, this is a great drive. Resources and competencies are test of team . Believing new products are not just in online sales. There are three kinds of distribution channels, one kind is online believing their own site and in the future days cat believing flagship store, and independent B2C like jingdong. Offline is stationed in boutiques, now has dozens of partners. The third is the gift purchasing this, big companies and government are also accounted for a large proportion of the proportion of sales.

but not only do these believing the new goal, the goal is to do community + B2C. Let users are involved, the formation of open innovation community, with activity and vitality to try the innovation model. but now this goal is far .

overall, believing product, unlike other main class of the quality of life, emotional appeal of the class independent B2C websites. they are heavier, warehousing, logistics, inventory, dynamic channel, the entire network marketing. Is need to do things slowly . Don’t choose a very light legs, also perhaps this model, the in the future to go more steady .



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