Bell LABS will wire broadband speed up to 10 GBPS

according to, bell LABS has highlighted a program called “XG. Fast” technology, the traditional copper wire can be broadband network speed up to 10 GBPS. Although the trend of optical network is irreversible, but the results of this research is still to stubborn conservative operator a shot in the “help”.

bell LABS in G.f ast introduced on the basis of XG. Fast technology. G.f ast is considered to be VDSL2’s successor. Under the cooperation of FTTC, VDSL2 network speed up to 150 MBPS. G.f ast the highest speeds up to 1.25 Gbps. And XG. Fast is copper wire broadband speed can be up to 2 GBPS – 10 GBPS.

reports, XG. Fast can make copper wire to enhance the broadband Internet connection, is to adopt a greater range of frequencies. VDSL2 using 17 or 30 MHZ, G.f ast allows the maximum frequency of 212 MHZ, and XG. Fast will ascend to 500 MHZ frequency range.

XG. Fast technology is good, but there is also a bottleneck problem: the high frequency signal attenuation is fast. This means that the higher the frequency, and the smaller the effective transmission range. VDSL2 effective transmission distance of 400 meters, G.f ast is 70 meters. And speeds of up to 10 GBPS XG. Fast, the maximum transmission distance is only 30 meters.

although fiber-optic broadband has become the developing trend in the future. But still install difficult, high cost, delay the arrival of the era of fiber itself. However, we still want to remind those self-righteous ISP, outdated products, even if you diligently, “patch” for it, it will eventually be abandoned by the user.