Best Android flash team CM to HTC, mediatek “wise men”

Cyanogen has quietly extends its management, in order to will open the project change for important operating system in the mobile phone industry.

at present the company has hired former amazon, Microsoft and Hulu executive Dave Herman as the vice President of the product, and hired former HTC project director Taylor carper served as vice President of engineering. In addition, the company also hired former executive at mediatek and broadcom vic, tara zhan as vice President of global partnerships and distribution.

Cyanogen is a for-profit business is established on the CyanogenMod project, the project is to make love for users to “flash”, in order to obtain a faster update, and delete their equipment manufacturers and operators to install to build the interface type. It provides the characteristics of the Android – a aims to provide users with more choices, and at the same time keep and fully compatible with Google’s official version.

the CEO Kurt McMaster thinks, a way of performance of the role of Cyanogen widely, is to use the Android system, but it doesn’t force a user only to select the service from a company, such as Google or amazon.

“we are a bit like Switzerland, McMaster said.

more “open source” Android (based on AOSP versions of the customized version of the Android), rather than using a variety of applications and services of Google Android, now account for 40% of the Android mobile phone shipments. The data in China is huge.

McMaster said, more with a spirit of the open source Android percentage actually could rise to 50% and 70%, and even in the smartphone penetration from 1 billion to 6 billion in the next few years.

“we believe that this trend will not slow down,” Kurt, chief executive of Cyanogen McMaster tell Re/code media.

one plus Cyanogen has issued its first mobile phone, and plans to work together with other mobile phone manufacturers in the next few years, McMaster said.


of course, it is not the only one who tried to use the advantage of Google’s open source Android to set up their own business. Amazon’s Fire mobile phones and Kindle are established on the basis of this, as Microsoft has just updated the Nokia product line X.

Via: Recode