Bezos worried, urged as soon as possible to create “amazon’s pay treasure”

according to build its own exclusive pay tool, has become the electricity giant amazon’s a period of the development of the most important in the future. Amazon payments business director Tom Taylor recently revealed that bezos is very eager to create the amazon payment system, and tells amazon payments team “this project must be successful”.

Tom Taylor in the interview, basically agree with the amazon are eager to build its payment system. Interestingly, he stressed that the development team obviously felt from amazon CEO bezos, imposed by the great pressure.

amazon payment business is not only its own desire, is also the industry and many analysts predict project, wait for years. Abundant electricity product types, each big warehousing logistics inputs, on the basis of the AWS user shopping and so on big data, the basic elements as the amazon’s growing “troika”. Unfortunately, as an organic part of electronic commerce system of electronic payment, amazon hasn’t been established. O2O now online payment, such as the Internet concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it has more and more control and imagination, to build their own payment system for amazon is very necessary and also it is not difficult.

it is important to note that created by the Internet payment business P2P Internet financial business, also already exist in the amazon. But Tom Taylor said: “that’s not an important part, so we don’t have it on.”

for after media reports may be launched based on amazon Kindle hardware offline payment tool, the news of Tom said Taylor declined to comment, just tell us: “there will be more later on, stay tuned.”