Big data medical company Flatiron Health financing of $130 million, Google brought the vote

Google Ventures (Google Ventures) just for big data the Health care industry: big data medical company Flatiron Health new round of $130 million in financing, most of which are provided by Google. The new company from a wide range of channels to collect data, cancer patients to help doctors treatment decisions.

in addition to the led Google ventures, Flatiron Health series A investors, and the angels of the earlier with both. The B round funding will be mainly used for the acquisition of electronic medical records company Altos Solutions, Inc., in this round of financing Flatiron how high valuations were not disclosed.

Google ventures managing partner Bill Maris, said: “we seldom do this over a significant investment dollars. Once done, it proves that we really trust the team, believe that their products can make the world better.” After this round of investment, Google X laboratory director Andrew Conrad will join the board of directors of the Flatiron.

Flatiron in 2012 by two co-founder Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg founded in New York.