Bistro “face recognition” intelligent feeding, capture the appetite of Kitty

(compile: zhu ning)

don’t understand the cat cat loves to eat what owners can relax now. San Mateo, California have developed intelligent feeding Bistro, he used the “cat face recognition technology to master the Kitty’s appetite and weight change.

Bistro has a built-in camera, can record the kitten’s diet and feeding process, “live” cat owners can look up by Bistro application of smart phones. It detected the kitten to eat much food and draw into the chart, the cat owners suddenly noticed that the cat’s abnormal behavior.

cat owners can get Kitty from Bistro health reports, and cat food distribution in advance. They can even be Bistro on social networking sites for cat “personal home page”, share them with their updates, photos and video of our daily life.

founder Mu – Chi Sung in the past two years has been committed to facial recognition technology, and also apply it to camera on the dashboard. These are the development of Bistro knowledge base, but ultimately arouse Sung to create smart feed application or through his personal experience. Of the three cats Sung a Momo after got pancreatitis did not eat, but he didn’t notice, found almost too late. Although Momo survived, hind legs have to go.

“three cats use the same bowl, I don’t know who eat not to eat,” he told Mashable, “I want to know about them at home.”

Sung said he was invited to make for the intelligence of other animals such as dogs fed application.

“I want to use it for other pets,” he said, “this will be my next research project.”

Bistro in Indiegogo held a fund-raising activities, the number of financing target $100000 more than 13%. On August 14. The Bistro retails for $249.