Blackberry pushed the big square brick phone, than the samsung Note 3 is wide, 4.5 “touch screen with qwerty keyboard

in the results of the meeting, just finished announced BlackBerry will be officially launched in September this year the one called “BlackBerry Passport” (aka Passport) of the smartphone. The device, outstanding characteristic is shaped like a big square brick, than the Galaxy Note III is wide, although equipped with 4.5 -inch touch screen, but still below the equipment “into” three rows pianpian physical keyboard.

the Passport with a 4.5 inch square multi-touch screen. In view of its special shape, thus turn the blackberry phone adopted more strange 1440 x 1440 resolution. The device “everything this phone looks crazy and not exciting.”

sources, the device will support the gesture control function. Still, the blackberry for the device is equipped with “lite” physical keyboard. As John Chen said: “the black raspberry and blackberry users will always need the best keyboard experience.”

look from the exterior, this product is a regular rectangular profile, its huge body is wider than the Galaxy Note III. Of course in such a smart phones and tablet more ambiguity between times, this is not a wonderful work.

reports pointed out that the phone will take the lead in the UK this autumn. In addition, the blackberry results show that the blackberry 2014 Q1 quarterly total sales of 1.6 million smartphones, synchronous fell by 80% last year. But fortunately, blackberry’s overall revenue and rebounded slightly, not “bad” of Wall Street’s expectations.